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  1. Thank you 138east for your time and all your helpful info. But it's like Greek to me!! This train to that train. πŸ™„ But we'll figure it out. We did last time. Thanks again!! πŸ˜‰
  2. I've got the Robert Treat reserved for $200 including tax which is perfect! Don't mind doing Uber to come back from NYC.
  3. No I have not ruled out Best Western Plus Robert Treat. I actually have one room reserved there at this point. You think this would be my best option? It is in my price range.
  4. I am so confused and frustrated!! 😧 So as I mentioned above that our 1st choice hotel..Country Inn & Suites is sold out for our date. (9/25) Many have recommend the Embassy or Residence close by. My dilemma now is once we arrive at EWR we will drop our bags at hotel and head to NYC for the day. So we just need to sleep at the hotel. Considering all the $$ that we will have to pay for transportation between EWR, hotel then into NYC then back, then to the cruise port the next day, Im not sure where we should stay?? We are not ones who have to have a luxury or fancy hotel..just good area, clean and good reviews. There are 3 families..6 adults no kids and lots of luggage!! I might add my SIL suggest staying at Fairfield Inn near world trade center (using some points but still $$) but once I started looking into cost for car service/Uber, etc, it just seemed expensive. Please help!!
  5. So I have a family member who will be cruising out of Seattle. They will stay in DT. They have a two yr old so he will need a car seat and they weren't planning on bringing one. Do any of the car service places offer car seats? Will need to get from airport to hotel then hotel to port. Your thoughts or suggestions will be appreciated.
  6. Yes I do remember the elevator being slow when we stayed there last year. I checked on the other hotels nearby and they are at least $100 more. Not worth paying the extra if we're basically just sleeping there. I've got one booked DT that is more our budget. Thank you for your input. πŸ™‚
  7. Ashland..we stayed at the Country Inn & Suites last year and it was fine. No problems. That is where we wanted to stay this year but it's sold out for our date. Thanks for the ones nearby. I'll check into them
  8. Ok thanks. Hotels in DT that you recommend?
  9. We're going in Sept. There are 6 adults. We are flying into EWR day before. I've read some good reviews for the airport hotels but wasn't sure about the area. It seems that there is so much industrial areas there. What are the other hotels near Country Inn and Suites? I can't remember from being there last time. We will probably take a short day trip to NY. That's what we did last time. Thanks for your help! πŸ˜‰
  10. Yes I do and I didn't want to spend more to be able to pick a cabin. I think the ones you could see were more money. I wound up booking a guarantee. Thank you! πŸ˜‰
  11. First off let me start by saying I don't like this new updated board. Especially the search. UGH! The old way was so much easier to find topics. Anyways...was wondering if anyone had stayed at the Hampton Inn Newark airport location or the Best Western Plus Newark airport West? I'm so bummed that the Country Inn and suites are sold out for the night we were needing. We have stayed there before and it was great but now we have to find something else. Your thoughts and or recommendations are appreciated. 😊
  12. Ok so I have a new option. Like I mentioned before we're picky about location... Would I be better off with a 7D balcony guarantee or just a balcony guarantee? Difference is about $250 more for the 7D. RCCL rep told me that on a 7D guarantee it would be floors 6 to 14. My question is...if you go with the 7D can you still get upgraded like if a guarantee? Because I've heard of people getting upgraded. I've got the 7D on hold til midnight tomorrow and it was the last one. I'm just not clear on exactly how the guarantee's work?? Decisions, decsions! πŸ™„
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