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  1. Thanks Bruce. This is our first HAL cruise. For Disney cruise, if the cabin is not sold out, then you can request a price quote for upgrade. I didn't realize HAL doesn't do that...
  2. Thanks Ruth. I have not asked for the list of available cabins, but I plan to do so today. Can I ask why you don't like forward cabin? I think most likely we will get the mid-ship to avoid movement.
  3. Our 14-night Baltic cruise (on Rotterdam) is embarking this weekend, and apparently HAL have hard time filling up the cabin so we have been getting several emails offering upgrade. We are currently in DA (Ocean View), and we are offered two options: Neptune Suite for $899 per person, or Vista Suite for $279 per person. Is this a good deal that we should bite? Will we get even better offer when we check in at port? We are OK with our current stateroom, but if the upgrade is a really good deal, then we don't mind paying a little bit more.
  4. Hi, Our first HAL cruise will be this September, and we already booked another HAL cruise next June. My question is, if we purchase future cruise credit on our September cruise, can we use it on the cruise next June? Is there any benefits doing so?
  5. Hi, I am wondering for HAL, is it better to use TA or HAL's personal cruise consultant to get the best deal? We are set to cruise in June 2020 for Alaska SB one way, and we booked it ourselves during $1 deposit sale back in April. I am now considering transfer it over to TA, but I am wondering what's my best strategy to get (possible) best deal in the event of price drop? Thanks!
  6. Thanks everybody! since we will spend a few days in greater Anchorage area (not sure if this is even the right term), we will most likely visit Seward anyway. My thinking is that if we can drive and still enjoy the same level of the scenery, then we don’t necessarily need to select Seward. Obviously the one way rental price will vary, and we just need to find the right time to book. Glacier Bay is a must for us, so we are pretty much down to Princess (Whittier) or Holland America (Seward). I saw some Princess itinerary has both Hubbard and Glacier Bay, which is very attractive, but if Whittier is really boring to death, I am not sure if we should pick that itinerary...
  7. Despite the different cruise lines, what's the pros and cons between Seward and Whitter? We don't have a preference on NB or SB, but either way we will rent a car in Anchorage for 2-3 days. A few questions: 1. In terms of train views, is the view from/to Seward better or Whitter? 2. In terms of views, is the view from bus or train different? How different? 3. Since we will be renting cars in Anchorage, and I have heard one way rental can be pretty expensive, that's why I am thinking about taking the train / bus. We have 6 people, so we will be renting a minivan. Does this make sense for us? 4. Again, since we will be renting a car for a few days, and I was told 2-3 days is not enough for Denali, but should be doable for Kenai Peninsula, from this perspective, we should be able to take either Whitter or Seward, is this a correct assumption? Thanks!
  8. We just got back from a 5-night on Wonder. We purchased the complete photo package for $249, and we had 126 photos in the USB drive. We could have gotten more, but since we have a 2yr old sailing with us (2 kids, 7 and 2), often times the photo ops do not align with our schedule, and the 2yr old doesn't have the patience to stand in the line for too long. To some people, if what you are looking for is the memory, then I would say it's not worth it. Why? For majority (except welcome onboard and portrait styled pictures) of the photo ops, there are always crew member standing right next to the photographer, and they are more than happy to take some pictures with your own phone/camera. You can have all the memory in your phone. To me, the reason to purchase the package is that I want professional pictures taken, with the proper lighting, so I can print them out and frame them. To me, with the amount of picture we received, I would said it worth the money for us.
  9. We will be using a TA for sure. However, even by utilizing the TA still will not resolve the losing deposit. We live in California, so we need to arrange the airline / hotel. I think my strategy is to find one itinerary, book it, and just stick with the schedule. Rebook the same itinerary if the saving is substantial. Just wondering how other people has been doing this in the past. We can't do May and August / September due to kid's school schedule, but anytime in June/July should work for us. And yes, we are looking for either northbound or southbound between Vancouver and Seward.
  10. We are pretty much set our eyes on one way Alaska cruising for June 2020. We don't need to be fixed on specific schedule, and it's more cost / ship amenity focused. That being said, I noticed that this type of cruise almost never sell out and usually have a last minute deal coming out year after year. We will have 2 to 3 rooms, they don't need to be connected or anything. It's nice to be close, but even that not a requirement. In this case, what would be the best pricing strategy? Should we book with refundable deposit and rebook when price drop, or something else?
  11. Understood that I still need to pay taxes and fees. I am just wondering if there is an easier way to browse through what itineraries offer reduced fare and what itineraries offer free child fare.
  12. Hi, I got an marketing email from HAL indicating there are selected itinerary offering reduced / free child fare. I am wondering how I can find out what those are? Even though there are signs on some of the itineraries, when I tried to price them, the price is still the same as before. Am I doing anything wrong? The specific one I was looking at is June 7th, 2020 Noordam from Vancouver to Seward, Verandah, 2 adults and 2 kids. The total came out to be $5976, but I got the exact same amount from the quote before this sale?!
  13. I don't know why this just came to my mind. On the same cruise, are the princesses, or any other face exposing characters, cast by the same CM? I just think that it would be funny if we bump into the same princess multiple times and they are all casted by different CM...
  14. Thanks everyone! I feel like it will be additional 30 minutes or more for leaving terminal, park, and walk back. Probably not a good idea...
  15. We will be driving to San Diego on the day of embarkation, and we already booked self-parking at Wyndham. Since we have two kids, 7 and 2, I am thinking about dropping wife and kids off at the port, then go to Wyndham for parking rather than park then walk over. Will we waste a lot of time stuck in port traffic? How about debarkation day?
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