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  1. We went to this on the Escape in November. They invite you if you signed in at the Cruise Critic Meet & Greet. The officers come around serving beer and appetizers (like they used to do at the Meet & Greet) The GM told me it was another way for them to interact with cruise passengers and say thank you.
  2. Beautiful pictures. It is so nice to see the recovery after the hurricane. We were on the Rebel Yell 3 years ago. Is that a new catamaran since the hurricane? It looks a bit fresher than I remember but about the same size.
  3. NorwegianConciergeDesk@ncl.com
  4. Just saw two reports about the cruise ending today on the local news. A CBS reporter interviewed passengers. The people interviewed were ok now, but very ill during the cruise. One said the onboard Dr. who treated his son said 75-80 had Noro and were quarantined. The reporter said 10 people disembarking said they still had symptoms but declined medical treatment. NCL told the reporter they had implemented stringent cleaning and serving measures on the ship and were again doing a deep clean before the ship left for the next cruise. Also reported was that a LA councilman had contacted the CDC because of concerns of it being spread in the San Pedro area.
  5. There is extra seating in La Cucina for breakfast and lunch if you can't find a table in the Garden Café or Great Outdoors. Check out the bridge viewing room on sea days - deck 11 forward port side.
  6. We’ve been Platinum Plus for 2 years. Boarded Escape today and were on the ship in 15 minutes.
  7. We will be boarding the Escape before Noon. Should be interesting with 2 NCL mega ships in port.
  8. The current email NCL uses is not in the old Cruise Critic post. It is special events now. Yours is: SpecialEventsGetaway@ncl.com
  9. I have only used the ship WiFi minutes for email and internet access. Can it be used for WiFi calling and texting too?
  10. We are on this cruise too. The prices have dropped in the last several weeks. The price for us to upgrade to a spa mini or the haven categories still available is less than the minimum bid price. Did you ask the NCL rep what the cost is to pay to upgrade to with a spa mini or spa balcony? Looks like there are many left in both categories, but the Haven spa suites are sold out. Come join the roll call.
  11. We really like the forward mini suites - category MB. Very quiet and not that far forward because the bridge is on that deck. We have stayed in 11002 on the Pearl and Jade and it is fine but is the most forward cabin next to the bridge and officer cabins. Only thing about 11502 is that you are right next to the bridge viewing room which gets a bit of hallway traffic on sea days. Since you are so far away, I imagine more MB cabins will become available and they are usually less $ than the midship MA category.
  12. On our 12 day Singapore to Hong Kong cruise in March, we had an active roll call, but no one mentioned Angkor Wat. I looked into it briefly but decided it wouldn't work for us plus we hadn't been to Bangkok before. Several people on our cruise did spend the night at a hotel in Bangkok. It is a 2-3 hour drive (depending on traffic) from the port to Bangkok. You could probably arrange a flight from Bangkok and a hotel in Siem Reap and Angkor Wat tickets, but I'd suggest rejoining the cruise in Sihanoukville to give you extra travel time. You won't miss anything by not seeing Sihanoukville and it would be a depressing let down after Siem Reap. Another thing you will need is a land based Cambodian visa. I wasn't clear whether you could do that as an electronic visa or not. I know you can get it directly from the Cambodian embassy in Long Beach, CA. The Cambodian visa NCL gets for you is $89 pp and is only good for the port of Sihanoukville - not the airports. You can also get that visa from the embassy instead of from NCL. The Asia ports of call forum was very helpful for us when looking for a tour operator in Koh Samui. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/43-asia/
  13. Looks like the Rebel Yell has had an upgrade in vessels since Maria. Looks much larger (and nicer) than the one we were on 3 years ago.
  14. With a 7 year old, I would do the cruise and spend most of the hotel/land vacation in Maui. Waikiki is very busy - I love it but am not sure I would if I were 7. It is very easy to get around in Maui and lots to see and do. You will get a good taste of Kauai and the big island in the cruise.
  15. I am Platinum Plus and cruised in March with a first time NCL relative. Cruise Next rep let her join me for the officers dinner, but not the behind the scenes tour.
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