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  1. I'm glad you guys had a wonderful time!!:) We loved Curacao, will go back again.
  2. US currency is okay.. when I first started going to Canada the exchange rate was great (for us) and we always exchanged money.. no longer so no real advantage unless you were going for longer trip, more out of the way places.
  3. I got 24 pages of one of our Alaska/Seattle vacations in 2009 done at crop this weekend.. for me that's a lot.... just can't get into digital even tho people say how quick it can be.
  4. Henry (leo) Platte gives a great tour; six of us went w/ him in January and had a wonderful afternoon... I think email is rentaguide@hotmail.com.. I know it's on a thread here about guides.
  5. I've done both of these .. the St Maarten one about 5 times and the Aruba/curacao one in January this year on Crown Princess. I loved Aruba and Curacao... there is so much to see and do in both places. Willemstad in Curacao is world heritage site, oldest synagogue in Western hemisphere etc. and Boca Table on the west (?) coast is just stunning.. we had private guide in both places and for first trip there it was perfect. Aruba I liked but not as much.. coastline is also stunning but not much to see downtown and not beach people so....
  6. Yes you can arrange your tour based on what you want to do.... we emailed with Colin before we got there last year and planned out a little ahead of time. We had a great day with him and IMHO you can't go wrong.
  7. ragcuracao@hotmail.com for Henry/Leo
  8. Somerset Watersports (google it, can't remember exact website)... rents several kinds of boats, nice folks to deal with, not far from Kings Wharf.
  9. Host Caroline

    Port layout

    When we met him last month we thought we had to go right outside the port area (not far at all, basically across a parking lot) but he apparently can come right in so we met him near the ship just past the photographers etc. I'm sure he can confirm w/ you that he will meet you there
  10. Sorry but this thread is getting way off topic so I'm closing it but leaving it up.
  11. Not sure if this will change in 2013 but Celebrity and HAL also sail regularly to Bermuda this year. Carnival has some sailings (Pride maybe?) and Princess and other lines call there occasionally for a day.
  12. Haven't been to Barbados but have seen (and bought) lovely pottery from several potters there in shops in St Maarten.. one is "earthworks" or something similar. Very tropical colors...
  13. You mean "excursions"? If so the answer is "no" or none that I've seen/heard of on the boards or on the island. Not time on a port call if there were IMHO.
  14. Our guide in Aruba was Sonny Binns.. in Curacao it was Henry (Leo) Platte and the 6 of us had a great time! Highly recommend. His contact info is on thread below.
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