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  1. Loving following your blog. Excellent .x
  2. maggiemou

    QM2 2022

    The last time QM2 went round the horn was in 2009. I still have my T Shirt to prove it.😊
  3. I feel confident you will be in good hands. The staff have to be able to cope with all clients needs. Don’t let it worry you and enjoy your wonderful cruise . Love to you both . X
  4. No never had my colour done on QM2 so can’t answer that but if you unsure I am happy to come a, long with my foils and comb and do your highlights.πŸ˜‰. Any excuse to be onboard with you.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Hope you have a good cruise. Xxx BTW. I think they probably use Wella colours, but it doesn't matter as long as you know the number you like as all brands are international , numbered colour coded. So lightest blonde is always a number 12.etc.
  5. Hi Bigmike911. My husband always takes his white tie and tails on all our Cunard Cruises. I must say he has never been mistaken for the Mairte D. He loves his jackets and more so his colourful ties. He has also been known to wear his morning suit with his top hat and tails to the Royal Ascot Ball. You can never have too many jackets and nice clothes on a Cunard cruise, and my husband would never, ever, dream of taking his jacket or tie off during the evening.
  6. Hi Hattie, if you in the Commodore before second sitting dinner , I will be there seated near the at with a forum lady friiend . Come and say hello. We are easy to spot . Short bright red hair on my friend and I am colourful purple red . πŸ˜‚ My hair will be up in a formal style . Long sparkle dress . Would love to meet you. X
  7. I have cruised in Alaska and I can see why the dress code is dumbed down. The long hours of daylight when it doesn't go dark until after 1-0am in the morning, means people are more often out on deck watching the stunning scenery. I am sure people will still dress in formal wear but I would guess there will be far more people in jeans and Anoraks, and casual wear wandering around outdoors. I love formal nights and personally, I would dress up and ignore those that don't want to do so. Just enjoy as Alaska is stunningly beautiful.
  8. Hi Roscoe. Thank you for your posts and more so for your fantastic blog which was just great to read. I am still catching up on a couple of post but will read them all again as they were so good. Loved the photos and your pairing of shoes to amazing clothes. You stole the show. Many thanks for posting. X
  9. The gym equipment was replaced in November at the start of the Caribbean Cruise. It was replaced whilst in Southampton. The new equipment is really nice. I was first to use some of the machines. The Spa also changed on the 5 th December, . to a brand-new spa brand in partnership with Canyon Ranch, called Mareel Wellness & Beauty
  10. Hi Roscoe, I spotted you at the World Club Party . Not that I was there. Wish I was. Top sailor, Terry Quack Quack Waite. πŸ˜„ You were looking very dapper/ handsome in your Black and gold Kurta. Where did I see you? On the FB forum where Harry posts. Photos posted up of the party and I spotted you. Centre of the Queens lounge. Well, it is the only place to stand, get a few drinks and network πŸ˜‚ Loving your blog. X
  11. Yes, Roscoe39. I certainly did pick up your little message to me. How could I overlook those fabulous shoes? Wonder if they make them with heels? πŸ‘  I hope you bought them all. I am loving your blogs, you do make me chuckle.πŸ˜‰
  12. Hi Roscoe 39. Caught up with your wonderful blogs. Enjoying them very much as I always do. Thanks for letting us all cruise along with you. X
  13. I always wear my work out clothes to go to the gym. I use the shower room in the ladies facilities or the sauna. I would wear my bathrobe to go to the outdoor jucuzzi, or for after a swim, or going to the thermal spa although if you hand in your key card you get to use a locker in the spa so can change your clothes and get clean bathrobe. I would never walk around the ship in my bathrobe. I only walk from my cabin to the elevator and straight to the spa /pool area.
  14. Thankfully the Screen printed tiles are not as ugly as this.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  15. I always refer to it as ”Holland Americ Line ” because this is what I have always known it as. I worked on Holland America Line 40 years ago and that was what it was known by. Holland America Lines still use that name for their face book and other forums. Regarding tiles. The one's they give out today are a poor imitation of then Delf ware ones that were given out some years ago. Today they are just scream printed. Still nice to own though. I have quite a collection .
  16. I have to agree with your comments. The chart room was a great place to meet and on QV maiden world cruise it was very popular as meeting place for world cruisers. I was recently on QV. Nov/ Dec 2018, and since her refit and find it hard not think of the Chart Room the way it used to be.
  17. Hi Tampa Girl, I have done a world cruise on all three different Cunard ships over the last ten years. I have no preference as all three ships are wonderful. I tend to go for the intnerary. The the best world cruise in my opinion is when you do the full circumnavigation. Other world cruises, or grand voyages are very nice also. We did a world cruise on QM2 which was 108 night and we circumnavigated Australia twice before heading off to Asia. I have also done the WC voyage around South America. That was the one I least preferred. So all World cruises on Cunard are very special, and all three ships are great, however for me the best one was on QE 120 nights. Just my personal taste and it was a lovely world cruise as far as ports of call were concerned and I go for the ports, itinerary first rather than the ship. Which ever you choose it will be fabulous!
  18. Yes, true but new products, some new prices , new uniforms new relaxation beds in thermal suites and new aqua colours. Lots to love about this. ❀️
  19. The Spas on QV and QE has now changed to the new name of MAREEL.
  20. Christmas and New Year you will see some outstanding dresses. More glizt and glam. You can really go for it as you are never overdressed on Cunard. Christmas is the ultimate time to dress up. Glizy sparkle. Full length dresses stunning!
  21. Thank you Lady L for you comprehensive review. We were on this cruise and found it very enjoyable. We have done this twice before on QE and this time the weather was so good to us, all the way there and back, plus good ports of call. We booked a shore excursion in Matinique which was probably the right thing to do, regarding all the issue that people seemed to encounter with taxi etc. Our tour was excellent and the island was really beautiful, classy and chic. It reminded me of Reunion Island. We also took a ships tour in St Vincent as I wanted to go to the island of Mustique. One of the few islands I have never visited over the last 40 plus years. It was stunning and very peaceful. A millionaire's Paradise that one had to see. The food on the ship was outstanding compared to cruises on Cunard taken in the past few years. We cruise Cunard regularly and since 2015 the food became very dull, boring, and bland. In my opinion. It was a joy to have wonderful food served nicely and such variety back onboard. Yes, the lobster was amazing! No problem with service, but our table for right became a table for two after people seemed to disappear to the Lido and alternative venues. One couple moved as they where hard of hearing so opted for a two. No problem for us as we were happy where we were. The lectures were excellent, some good entertainers. The comedienne seemed to struggle to get a laugh, but he was placed at the end of the cruise in a graveyard slot. Second show near end of the cruise. I have seen him before and can be very funny. The group The New Amen Corner played to a packed theatre for first sitting diners. We attended this show as we had been to the Verandah for lunch and did not want a full dinner.. We are told the first sitting theatre show was always full to capacity. Second show was not always well attended. I found the aft deck where the pool and cabanas are quite funny to watch people who had obviously got up at the crack of dawn to hog the cabanas. They looked ridiculous laid there with towels piled on top themselves, and huggled up and snuggled up like two love birds, as if they were in bed! In fact I felt embarrassed looking at them. Cabanas look good in movies with body beautiful movie stars not overweight seniors who think they are in a hospital bed. I wish Cunard had not placed the cabanas on the ship. Needless to say I never spent much time there having my own preference to find a quiet spot. The gym had new machines installed the day we boarded and the new equipment is excellent. All in all no complaints about this cruise except I found the pillows very uncomfortable. I found the same on QE twice this year and even worse on QM2 early in the year. I have left my comments about the pillows with Cunard. I also was in the fashion show with you Lacy L. It was fun. I agree with others it is a shame this cruise will not happen next year. Happy Christmas. everyone.
  22. The mattresses and pillows are great in the Grills, but Britannia are not. If you have a King Size bed it is usually twins linked together and should have a foam topper over .My recent Cruise a week ago on QV did not have this and I found it uncomfortable. I am usuallly happy with the mattresses, and I have had back surgery in the past and sleep on a Tempur mattress at home. The pillows in Britannia are dreadful! The metre square one is very soft and floppy and the longer than average regular shape pillow is very hard. I made these comments in my survey feedback only yesterday, The pillows have changed a lot over the last five years. They are lower in quality and lesser of them. You used to get two regular ones plus a bolster and a metre . square one. On QM2 last year, Christmas cruise the regular pillow was filled with cut up pieces of foam. The same pillows were on QE in summer and autumn this year. Dreadful! Take your own if you feel unsure. Or check them out when you board and ask for ones that you Prefer.
  23. Food discussions are always difficult as what one person enjoys and finds good, some one else may dislike. I am not the best person to for giving a good food review as I eat a very simple diet. However, I like good quality food and I have found over the last couple of years the food on Cunard has become less tasty, less quality, less choice, and less imagination and presentation. On our Christmas cruise 2017 on QM2, my food was dry bland and boring. I always ask for a side order of steamed green vegetables to give my plate some colour as it can often be very bland looking on your plate. Recently we were in QG on QM2 (we have saiked on her over 200 nights) The food was more like we used to get in Britannia. Bigger portions, presented nice, and on the general menu most of the food we have had in Britannia over the years. Only major difference was the al a carte menu,or the fact you can order what you like and it will be served. There is a definite difference in the quality of the food in Britannia. We spent some time in a one to one meeting with the food and beverage manager on QM2 as he gave my husband an interview for an article for a newspaper. Of course any manager, or member of staff will always be upbeat about the the food they prepare and the company as a whole. They are never going to say anything negative as it is their job not to do so. The truth is in the pudding. We enjoy Cunard, but like many things in life, times change and the bean counters have to do their best to save money. I just hope that the food bills don't get cut any further.
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