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    Post CRUISE LINE Single Supplement/Solo Bargains HERE

  2. Thank you so much any info or photos you would share would be great .. Did someone else in your group have 413 ? by chance were the cabins identical do you know? I will see if i can pm you and then send my e-mail address if you can send more room/bathroom photos . Thank you I don't know how to pm if that is possible so here is my e-mail address dorkin2000@yahoo.com
  3. Hello Djett . Happy to see your review . We are booked in 415 and 413 for a Dec 18 cruise . Do you have more photos from the cabin /bathroom ? My mom is in a wheelchair and would like to know about the step up into the bathroom? How high and Grab bars if you noticed? We have a portable potty chair we are thinking to bring as a back up . She can walk around the cabin with a walker I know rooms are small but what can you say about using a walker to walk around he beds ect? any advice, photos would be great . Thank You Doreen
  4. Thank you . Will take any input anyone has .
  5. I was wondering if anyone sailing soon can take photos of bathroom shower how much a step up it is ? the toilet and grab bars to see how they are and the shower part 413 and 415 are the rooms we will have ? WE can not get a handicapped room so we need to make sure this can accommodate my mom . Thank you .
  6. Thank you ! I am going to try to post to get someone in the next few weeks aboard to take pictures. . I called them today and said all parts of ship and hoho buses are accessible but the accessible cabins only 2 are booked when we can go .
  7. hello I want to take my mom on 4 night cruise on Empress. she can walk a about 50 feet at a time but mostly in wheelchair. The handicapped cabins are full. we are looking at cat E cabins on Deck 4 . Is there a little stepover at the door or can we push wheelchair into cabin? Bathroom its seems small step up? is the shower just a curtin or plastic/glass panels? Are there grab bars to help get up and down from toilet? Is the toilet sit up high or low? Did you see any body with electric scooters on board? I have been reading the boards for about 4 hours now but could only find 1 bathroom photo and not much info for handicapped . Thank you .
  8. dbcruise

    Weather end of Oct /Nov

    How do you think the weather will be end of Oct 1st week in Nov? what about beach and water temp? Thanks
  9. dbcruise

    Anyone been to Paradise beach in Cozumel,

    Thank you caribson.
  10. dbcruise

    Anyone been to Paradise beach in Cozumel,

    Paradise beach are there a lot of umbrella's ? I can not sit in the sun for hours so need shade. also what about lockers ? to lock up valuables while I swim? Thanks
  11. wispud, How do you find out about all the Elvis cruises?
  12. We are going and would like private tour recommendations as we are a older couple and don't want to hold up a group if we are slow .
  13. hello I have a few questions if someone can help . For the 2 days in maui Its says the fisrt day we are in port until 10pm dose the ship actually sail all night or do we saty at the dock or anchored in the bay? If you rent a car for 2 days where do you park the car at night ? On Fanning Island can you walk to a decent beach from we tender into or is it best to buy the ships beach trip ? ? Thanks for any help > Doreen
  14. Hello Can anyone please tell me what deck and where on the deck (front,middle,back)is cabin 4033. I don't have a brochure and I can not read the cabins numbers from the ncl web site . It is suppose to be a outside cabin . Thanks
  15. hello if anyone has a coupon they are not using from 2005 book or even if have 2006 and think you won't use I would appreciate and pay you to mail to me . Thanks Doreen email me at dbcruise1@cox.net thank you .