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  1. Always destination. We usually do very minimal sea days, and we have always liked all the ships, so no worries. That being said however, I would think twice about doing a balcony room on the Epic again. I really disliked the bathroom set up. Of course if that was the only ship going to someplace we wanted to see, I'd live with it. 😊 Mae
  2. I think the bid process is automatic and doesn't always make sense if the room is smaller or doesn't seem like an upgrade. My husband says it is worth the money just seeing how excited I was that we don't have to wait and try to bid. We are on the Star, so no actual Haven area, but all the perks of the Haven, and we are in a family suite. So I'm good with that. You really get spoiled not having to wait in lines or get to the shows early. Your spots are always reserved. And breakfast in the Haven restaurant is awesome. Last cruise we were waiting in extremely long lines to get tenders back to the ship. (not NCL's fault, we just all showed up at once I guess). Every time I saw someone go to the side for Haven guests and not have to wait in the line I reminded myself it would be worth the extra $$ next time 😊
  3. Congratulations. We won three bids in a row into the Haven, bidding poor each time. Then last cruise we didn't win and I hated it, having been spoiled. 😊 So of course next cruise I HAD to just book directly into the Haven. Mae
  4. Thanks Happythoughts I guess I'm interested in all options. I see that NCL offers a transfer from the ship to the airport for $65/per person, but no options prior to the cruise. Wondering if there is a train from the airport and then we taxi to hotel, or if we must take a private car or bus from the airport? Mae
  5. Hi All, I've been trying to read all the responses, but have just confused myself. 😊 We will be flying into Heathrow Airport a day before our cruise and need to get from the Airport to Southhampton (Hotel to be decided next) and then at the end of the Cruise, Norwegian Star 09/16/20 we will need to get from the Cruise Terminal to the airport for a 2:30 pm flight. Can anyone help me with the best way to do this please? There will only be 2 of us. Thanks so much! Mae
  6. Has anyone stayed at the Petit Palace in Barcelona? Is it convenient to sites, airport, cruise terminal? Thanks for any input. Mae
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