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  1. I need to call Celebrity to confirm, but figured I could possibly get a quick answer here. Due to unforeseen circumstances, I need to change one guest in our room and cancel another. So I am remain, I add one new guest and cancel the other. It is 31 days before our cruise. I am on the reservation and remain. Does anyone know if this is possible? Thank you for your insight (phone calls are hard at work)
  2. May I piggy back on this question and ask the same thing, however we don't get into Belfast until 1:00 PM and leave at 11:00 PM? (I so which we had 10-10 as the original poster!!) What would you do regarding Giant's Causeway and a bit of a tour with Belfast? (We have a private excursion booked and we are thinking that we can ask for a bit of a tour around Belfast before being dropped back off at the port...)
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