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  1. I just did my check in for an upcoming cruise in February from Fort laduerdate. Haven't sailed form this port. Usually in Miami the earliest arrival time is 10:30. This one was Noon and I signed in just after midnight. Is that always the earliest check in time for this port?
  2. If you are wanting to get off the ship early you will have trouble getting on the first or second tender or at least that's been my experience and I've been 4 times. If you aren't in a rush to get off wait until around 10 or 1030 and you should have no problem. If you want to be off asap book an excursion and you will get to board early if it's an early morning excursion.
  3. If you tell the taxi driver which ship they will know exactly where to take you. There are signs at the port of Miami which tells them where to go
  4. For grand turk I would recommend renting a golf cart and just touring the island on your own
  5. Thanks everyone for your answers (except the rude or unhelpful ones reminding me I agreed to the $50 fee, like I don't know this??). My PVP did get the fee waived
  6. I wouldn't call it a joke exactly, I would call it more of an asinine sarcastic response. Folks, if you don't want to provide a helpful response, just move on past.
  7. I have a cruise booked for next year. On the 5th day, I will have my 75 cruise days. Do I get the platinum benefits for the whole cruise such as early check-in?
  8. I haven't been on a 3 nighter but have sailed Victory 3 times on 4 night cruises. It's a great ship and lots of fun. You will love her
  9. I booked a Mediterranean cruise for next October several months back through my PVP I just found out my nephew is getting married during that time and I really don't want to miss the wedding so we've decided to change the cruise date to the week before. We booked early saver and paid the $400 deposit. I was wondering if anyone has had luck in getting the full $400 transferred to a new booking when they were booked under the early saver fare which normally only allows the deposit minus $50 pp?
  10. I have booked a cabana at Half Moon Cay. Do I still have to wait to select the cabana number when I board? And is it guest services or the shore excursion desk that I go to?
  11. Taking a cruise in February and have to book the flights. I couldn't find anywhere on Carnival's site saying what time the flight should be. Suggestions? Would noon be late enough?
  12. I will be taking a 6 night cruise in February and have never sailed from Port Everglades. The itinerary shows the ship returns at 8 am. I am looking at a 12:00 flight. DOes anyone know if the ship usually does get in at or before 8? Or what time you usually can be off the ship?
  13. thanks so much everyone. I think I was confused because this ship had a major overhaul but the cabins look really old so I'm guessing they didn't get done?
  14. anyone have any photos of the ship or better still the cabins since it went into drydock last year?
  15. gorgeous photos!! thanks for the suggestions
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