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  1. No surprise that we are all getting emails about our cruises being cancelled. What I am surprised about though is how far out they are cancelling! Mine is still 6 months away. I was pleased with the offer though. 2 options - I can get my full deposit back or I can have my full deposit as a future cruise credit plus $600 OBC. Not a bad deal right there!
  2. It's not on the documents and google gave me three different addresses
  3. I am leaving in 30 minutes to go to port Everglades for my cruise on Magic and I can't find the address. I have to type in the address for uber . Help please!!!
  4. thanks everyone. I have a couple of cruises booked with another cruiseline. One is just over a month from now so we'll definitely take that one, but the other isn't until September. We are seriously considering cancelling and going with Celebrity instead.
  5. My husband and I recently returned from our first Celebrity cruise. We have taken over a dozen cruises with Disney, NCL and Carnival so we are seasoned cruisers. We got a great deal on the Summit out of San Juan leaving November 30th to Dec 7th with great ports. We got a balcony cabin as we always do. the price was excellent especially considering we got three perks as well. As soon as we entered the terminal, things went very smoothly and quickly. We were checked in in about 5 minutes and although it was only 11:00 we were able to walk right on the ship. We've never had this happen before. We were handed a glass of champagne as we boarded - a nice little welcome. The ship is beautiful. We went straight to our room to drop off our stuff. The room was a bit smaller than we are used to but really beautiful. The bathroom was gorgeous, great TV, super comfy bed and a nice balcony. Couldn't be happier with the cabin. Everywhere we went the service was excellent. There was only the buffet open for lunches. I loved that the buffet was broken up into many stations. This really seemed to help with lineups. I didn't love that although it appeared that there was tons of variety, there really wasn't. Of course I always found something to eat, I was just a bit surprised the food didn't wow me - at lunch that is. We did anytime dining and we never waited in line for more than 5 minutes. We loved our servers and were able to get the same table every night. The servers were probably the best we've ever had. They were friendly and always recommended meals and sincerely wanted us to have a great meal. All the meals came out really hot and everything was delicious. One thing I would have like to see is an option each day from whatever port we just visited. Our stateroom was kept very clean the whole time we were there. Our steward was always available and cleaned twice a day. We really didn't have to ask for anything as everything we needed was already there!! The entertainment was really good. We went to a couple of shows. One of the most fun things was the silent disco. They had it 2 nights and it's so much fun they ran out of headphones even though they had at east a couple of hundred. Another really nice touch is that the captain greeted us at every port, I've never seen this before. He and is crew would line up and greet everyone getting off at each port. The pools on this ship were really great. Not as tiny as I've seen on other ships and there were three pools. Debarkation was super organized and easy. We had a late flight so we waited on the ship until about 9:30, grabbed our luggage, waited about 5 minutes to get through customs and we were off. All in all it was one of the best cruises we've ever been on. We had booked the cruise in January 2019 for November and as I look at the cruises now, I don't see any prices that are similar to what we paid. I will keep searching since Celebrity has a couple of new fans!!
  6. I chose the drink package as one of my perks so it was free. I am wondering how the tips or gratuities works when the package is included.
  7. On Saturday I am boarding cèlebrity summit. My check in time is 1230. Is that Puerto Rican time or does the ship go by other time? Also if I get there early will I be able to check in early? I have to be out of the hotel at 11
  8. I will be sailing from and boarding a ship in San Juan and my check in time is 12:30. Do I go by puerto Rican time? Or is the ship time different?
  9. I just did my check in for an upcoming cruise in February from Fort laduerdate. Haven't sailed form this port. Usually in Miami the earliest arrival time is 10:30. This one was Noon and I signed in just after midnight. Is that always the earliest check in time for this port?
  10. If you are wanting to get off the ship early you will have trouble getting on the first or second tender or at least that's been my experience and I've been 4 times. If you aren't in a rush to get off wait until around 10 or 1030 and you should have no problem. If you want to be off asap book an excursion and you will get to board early if it's an early morning excursion.
  11. If you tell the taxi driver which ship they will know exactly where to take you. There are signs at the port of Miami which tells them where to go
  12. For grand turk I would recommend renting a golf cart and just touring the island on your own
  13. Thanks everyone for your answers (except the rude or unhelpful ones reminding me I agreed to the $50 fee, like I don't know this??). My PVP did get the fee waived
  14. I wouldn't call it a joke exactly, I would call it more of an asinine sarcastic response. Folks, if you don't want to provide a helpful response, just move on past.
  15. I have a cruise booked for next year. On the 5th day, I will have my 75 cruise days. Do I get the platinum benefits for the whole cruise such as early check-in?
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