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  1. We always try to get a cabin on the hump. Best location ever. Great views unobstructed forward or aft if you are on the slant, or both ways if you are in the center. Plus, the elevators and stairs are just steps away. We have always found the location to be very quiet.
  2. Just two small chairs and a small table. A lounger and/or footstool would have been nice.
  3. We had a sunset verandah on the Edge. Really liked it and from what I saw of the IV, I would not book it. However, there are no stairways or elevators nearer the aft so it is a very long walk back to the cabin. One caveat: Don't go out on the balcony barefoot when the sun is shining on the floor mat. I did and almost had first degree burns as it was so hot!
  4. We are also on the Sept. 7th sailing. I am also amazed at all the empty cabins. Glad to see you will be onboard, the roll call has been pretty nonexistent.
  5. Something to consider is that some credit cards give pretty good travel protection. Check with the card you are paying with, they may require the entire cost of the cruise to be paid on it. Then, depending on the coverage provided, you may only need to add medical and evac. ins. which is what I do. We are in good health, in our 70's, and travel ins. packages are getting more and more expensive, so this works out well for us.
  6. I stopped using a TA for several years when the rules changed on cruiselines allowing TA's to offer lower prices. Now they give perks or OBC to entice bookings. I do all the research, book what I want and then transfer to my preferred TA within the allotted time frame. It has worked well for me.
  7. We have been doing mostly Celebrity out of Ft. Lauderdale. Actually had a flight booked for our upcoming cruise to return home leaving at 10:30 am. However, just received e-mail from Southwest that the flight was cancelled and we were rebooked on a 1:05 pm flight. More time to enjoy breakfast onboard!
  8. Plenty of time. In fact, the cruise lines recommend booking a flight at 12:00 or later. We generally book a 10:40 flight out of FLL and have had no problem making the flight.
  9. Yes, it will show up within a couple of days once you have boarded. We have never had a problem, but it is always best to have proof just in case. I print out the billing from the cruise agency or you could show it on your phone.
  10. If you go on cruisedeckplans.com, you can pull up the deck plans for the Edge. At the bottom of the page, there is the option to make a PDF of the deck plans. You can do up to 5 decks at a time and then print off to study later, take with you, etc.
  11. This brings back memories of Feb., 2010. We were flying to San Diego from Baltimore for an 8 night cruise to the Mexican Riviera. Since we had lived in San Diego when my husband was in the Navy, we decided to go a couple of days early to sightsee. What a good decision that was! The day we flew out a blizzard was heading in from the west. The airport was shut down 2 hrs. after our flight and was closed for some time after. If we hadn't made that flight, we would have totally missed the cruise. We didn't get much sightseeing in San Diego as it rained, but we were just grateful to be there. We usually only fly in a day early but we always get the travel insurance just in case. And, when we got home, there was over 2 feet of snow on the ground. This is rare for our area but we were so happy when we arrived late at night and found that a very kind neighbor had plowed our driveway. There are good people in this world!
  12. We are cruising the week after you and also were amazed at the hotel prices. We are using the Quality Inn & Suites on Stirling Rd., Hollywood, FL. Have stayed there before and found it on Trivago for a better price than the other sites. Looking at your week on Trivago, I see a lot of reasonably priced places to stay. We chose to be away from the beach as it is spring break and we don't need to party!
  13. Also try Trivago for hotels. I was able to get the hotel I wanted for $50 less than what Hotels dot com was showing.
  14. If you have a Dollar Tree near you, these are available for $1.00!
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