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  1. Something just popped into my head while reading about the hurricane and ships being rerouted to Canada: What might happen to someone who booked a cruise to Bermuda and totally out of their control, is rerouted at the last minute because of weather to Canada if the person is unvaccinated (Canada still has a vaccine requirement, at least for now) or, for that matter, if the person is inadmissible to Canada because of some infraction (which I've read about in the past as a concern of some wanting to cruise to Alaska)? Might they be told they can't board, be allowed to board, but won't be able to get off the ship in Canada, or with all the last minute confusion, this "situation" will just be ignored? I know none of us probably knows for sure and I'm sure there are more pressing concerns right now, but to someone in this situation I guess it would be a pressing concern. I wonder if anyone's ever found themselves in this situation? I hope everyone cruising in the next week or so has a safe and enjoyable trip in spite of all the uncertainty!
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