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  1. I know, screw tops would have been the way to go! We just grabbed 4 bottles and didn’t think it through.
  2. We are at the hotel, Our Oasis B2B cruise leaves in 18 hours and my wife asks me how we plan on opening our 4 bottles of wine? You would think we would have thought of this earlier! Even if we could find a place to buy a wine opener I assume they wouldn’t let us take one on board? Will our steward or a bartender lend us one with out charge? How do people handle this? We usually sail on NCL which doesn’t allow you to bring anything on board. thanks
  3. Where is the best place to snorkel on Coco Cay?
  4. Just a guess but I noticed that ships that did not sail from the US ports were showing a lot of soccer instead of US professional sports.
  5. I booked Country Inn Cruise package through Trinity and it was $30 cheaper than the Embassy package and much cheaper than booking directly through the hotel.
  6. I know they broadcast NFL football but do they show professional NHL (hockey), NBA (basketball) or the MLB (baseball) playoffs on the ship?
  7. Does anyone know the foods that are served 24 hours in Cafe Promenade or where I can find a menu?
  8. Anyone know if they will be opening up the Windjammer for dinner in the near future?
  9. I heard Chill Island was the best place to snorkel? Do you know if that is true?
  10. We may try to venture to Jetty Park, I assume there is a beach there? Wanted to go to the tower but heard it was only open on the weekends? What/where is manatee park?
  11. Thanks for the review. A couple of questions: Was there a beach within walking distance of the ship? Did they offer an excursion to Disney Springs? What would you recommend if we just stayed in the port area? thanks
  12. Will be doing a B2B (10/17 &10/24/21) so I will be following closely.
  13. Sailing on a B2B on the RCL Oasis of the Seas on 10/17/21 & 10/24/21. Stopping at Cape Canaveral, Coco Cay and Nassau Bahamas. Can anyone share what they are doing at these ports? My initial plan is: Cape Canaveral-Walk to Jetty Park or Lounge near ship? Coco Cay- Swim and snorkel all day Nassau, Bahamas- Walk around port area and/or walk to Junkaroo Beach? Any other or better ideas? thanks
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