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  1. If you have the flexibility, the price drops significantly as you get closer in. The downside is that a cruise you want may sell out and then you loose that opportunity. If destination and date are super important, then book a little farther out.
  2. PCC, I always book direct with the cruise line, I like to have control of my booking.
  3. Ask about an upgrade, we did that on the Jewel and got a very nice upgrade that they paid us $21.00 to take (OBC)
  4. That cruise sounds amazing, we would love the music but it wouldn't fit our schedule.
  5. I know that they are not always available, but we did fine in AK in a family balcony with three of us and the chair.
  6. I would also be interested in the HC amenities, my wife uses a wheelchair, and the Breakaway was amazing, our room and all the HC bathrooms opened with a button.
  7. I am not sure yet, I am a last minute cruise shopper looking for deals, but I want to understand the differences, most of your posts have been really helpful. I was on the Breakaway in January and loved the entertainment, in particular Syd Norman's(Think 80s, 90s Rock.) and we love Dueling Pianos. We were on the Jewel in Alaska, and didn't go to many events, traveling with our GD and usuall worn out after the day.
  8. I am an NCL fan, but always looking at other options, what can you tell me about the differences?
  9. And again thanks for the helpful information, and I realize that was a simplistic approach. And as I have said, I will completely rethink my approach, and learn from the other posters on CC.
  10. I have never had the privelege of cruising Princess, being primarily and NCL fan, and I am wondering how would you describe Princess and for those that have cruised NCL what would highlight as the differences?
  11. For those that provided helpful suggestions, thank you very much, you have helped me rethink my idea. I was in fact a travel agent many years ago, and at least in some cases I have seen travel agents push products that might generate more revenue and might not be in the clients best interests. Not saying that of every travel agent, but some. I also think that eductating people, in this case travelers, is a good thing. The more educated a traveler is, the better the choices they make. As far as the differences in NCL ship, if you look at my signature, you will see I have have been on many different ships. Including the Breakaway, and the Jewel this year. I do still believe that the Carnival product overall is different than Norwegian. Norwegian is different than Seaborne or Crystal. So in that sense, you can make some generalizations.
  12. Thanks for all the suggestions, I will rethink my approach.
  13. So give me an example of stype. I am a new cruiser and not sure which line would suit my, what your style process look like?
  14. I agree that is what will suit them best, but if they have never cruised, what would you use to help them find a good fit. By the way I appreciate everyones input.
  15. So if a new cruiser asked which cruise line would I like best, how would you answer it in an objective way. I am a huge NCL fan and would recommend it to everyone, but some would think it to casual. I am trying to find a way to help new cruisers be able to relate it to something they would be familiar with. Maybe the restaurant comparison would be better. Princess, NCL, Cunard, and Crystal are all very different, but to someone that has never cruised, what could you use to help them find the right fit. And just so everyone know, I am not a TA, just someone that has seen cruisers disapointed because they didn't choose the cruiseline that fit their style.
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