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  1. Thank you! How long ago did you go?
  2. I saw a dive shop listed online, they might have a snorkeling excursion that you could participate in. It’s called champagne reef dive and snorkel, champagnereef.com
  3. We have taken a taxi/van in the past. It was very inexpensive and we told the driver what time we would like him to come back and pick us up. I have put in a couple of emails to the Ministry of Tourism as well as to another tourism email for Dominica. I am hopeful to hear back from them very soon. I'll come back here & post, when I hear something. Have a great cruise.
  4. Is there still beach access to Champagne Reef? (We haven't been there since the hurricane?) Thank you!
  5. Hello Hank, When I called CapitalOne before we left, they told me that if I used my PIN, it would be considered a CASH ADVANCE and that fees would apply. The gentleman that I spoke with said that applied to all of their cards. We didn't have any issues using our CapitalOne card without the PIN on our recent trip to England and Norway....not sure about the rest of the world. 😊
  6. Our Capital One Mastercards have the touch & pay capability and worked on the Oyster Card machine at Heathrow Airport, in restaurants all over England, in Taxi cabs in Southampton and everywhere we wanted to use them in Norway. Some machines that did not have the touch & pay capability, so they had us sign a receipt. No issues. We are thrilled with Capital One's customer service as well. We had a couple of cab drivers in Southampton that didn't want to accept credit cards, even though they had machines. Our fare must not have been large enough for it to be worthwhile to them.
  7. Thank you so much! That makes much more sense!
  8. You are the best, even though I’m not your mom 😂. I had created a login on their website several months ago. When I tried to sign in the other day, the message said I had been locked out and would need to call, not at £13 per minute YIKES! Plus my rates from here. I was able to see my booking & it said I can check in online a couple of days before arriving. I feel better now. I had received an email, this morning, from Hilton regarding our stay in London & it had the wrong arrival date. I about had a heart attack 😳. All is well there now. I appreciate all the help you & the others have provided. Thank you very much!
  9. Hello, I am trying to find the email address for the Premier Inn West Quay hotel in Southampton to confirm our reservation. Would any of you be able to point me in the right direction? Kind regards, K
  10. Thank you. The bus it is.
  11. HELP PLEASE! We are staying at a hotel a mile from Heathrow. We want to take the train to Southampton. It is my understanding that we can take the tube to the Waterloo station and get on the train there. When I clicked on your link for National Rail, I receive an error message. When I try to search for it on Google, I find a link and get the same error message. Has the train company recently changed names? Or is the link just not good from the US? Do you know? Thanks so much.
  12. I called Capital One today, I have the World Card. The gentleman that I spoke with said they do not have the Chip & Pin card that others seem to have. If I were to use my PIN on my card, it would be treated as a CASH ADVANCE, making it become much more expensive to use in the Kiosks. 😯 I hope yours worked out ok for you.
  13. That’s great. Have a wonderful time!
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