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  1. Wow, I'm feeling blessed! I hope you have the perfect day! Will you come back and let me know how much it cost to get out there?
  2. I called Park Hyatt directly, they do not take day pass reservations over the phone. The lady that I spoke with at the hotel said to book it thru resortpass dot com She also said that meals and beverages are NOT included. She said that it is about 30 minutes from the cruise ship port by taxi. I booked the Beach Full Access pass for $50.00 per person for our date. I forgot to ask her how much a taxi would cost to get out there. Does anyone here know? Thanks, Karen
  3. I just call Park Hyatt, she told me they only take bookings at resortpass dot com
  4. I just called Part Hyatt on St Kitts, the gal there informed me that I would need to book thru Resortpass.com, she would be unable to take reservations via the phone. She told me the differences in the packages and said that none of them included lunch. She said they are 30 minutes by taxi from the cruise ship port and that the snorkeling is very good there. The spa access pass allows you to have a locker and use the showers...in addition to a few other things.
  5. Hello, Thank you for setting this thread up and for all the people who are helping us newbies to the medallion. We received our medallions today and there was a pamphlet that said "Instructions". It looks more like an advertisement for the different options available (Ocean View, Play Ocean, Ocean Now, Ocean Casino & Ocean Compass). My question is, do I need to set anything up? (I have already downloaded the MedallionClass app and set up everything in our profile on the Ocean Ready app. Is there anything else that I need to do? Or do we just show up to the ship and the Medallions are ready to start working? Thanks again. K
  6. Hello, Thank you both for your replies. I did end up booking it earlier today. At the end of the booking, It asked me if I agreed to the terms and conditions and then if I agreed to the privacy policy. The website never did let me read what those were.... I did receive an email response confirming my booking, so I am grateful for that. Do you happen to know if they take credit cards? Or should I be prepared to pay in another currency? If so, which currency is best? It looks like a place well suited for us. We like to walk, so I am happy to hear there will be many things to walk to. May I ask, what kind of restaurants are near by? Thanks again for your help!
  7. I have a question in regard to a hotel in Tahiti called Fare-Suisse. I tried to book a room on their website and as I was at the end of the booking it asked me to verify that I agreed to the terms and conditions. I am unable to find the terms & conditions on their website, therefore did not agree. I tried to contact them to ask what the terms & conditions are that I would be agreeing to, via email 11 days ago, and have not received a response. Does anyone know if I were to try & call them, if they speak English? Does anyone know what their terms and conditions are? Is it normal that it would take a long time to respond to email? Thanks in advance. K
  8. Thank you! How long ago did you go?
  9. I saw a dive shop listed online, they might have a snorkeling excursion that you could participate in. It’s called champagne reef dive and snorkel, champagnereef.com
  10. We have taken a taxi/van in the past. It was very inexpensive and we told the driver what time we would like him to come back and pick us up. I have put in a couple of emails to the Ministry of Tourism as well as to another tourism email for Dominica. I am hopeful to hear back from them very soon. I'll come back here & post, when I hear something. Have a great cruise.
  11. Is there still beach access to Champagne Reef? (We haven't been there since the hurricane?) Thank you!
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