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  1. Hi Gary - my husband and I were also on the Boston-Puerto Morelos (Cozumel) Ocean Voyage and I agree with your assessment that Ponant did a great job getting us off the ship in Cozumel and to our destination on the mainland. It was remarkable what they were able to pull off with such short notice. We were not inconvenienced at all and sort of enjoyed the extra "drama" of it all. You had the German telling the older gentleman from DC to STFU, I had an English chap doing the same! This was our third Ocean Voyage (first was Fort de France to Lisbon on Le Boreal and second was last April on Le Champlain Cayenne to Lisbon) and we also thought that things were a bit off. On our other Ocean Voyages, service and food were top notch. Now, on our the first one we had 83 passengers and on our second there were only 43 of us, so that might have played into the better service. You are spot on regarding the food - some hits, some misses and some WTFs, but it didn't make our voyage any less enjoyable. Like you we enjoy the lazy sea days. Give that we had two referrals ($600 each) and $500 ship board credit, it almost seemed cheaper than staying at home! You get free laundry with your second cruise, so book soon! We're booked on Ponant again in March 2020 - Montevideo to Praia, Cape Verde. Should be an interesting voyage. Perry
  2. Just got off the Le Champlain transatlantic. The open bar covers a lot. Champagne - Henri Able, quite nice, a choice of white and red wines, spirits, cordials, etc., all of which are name brands you would recognize. There are special cocktails and top shelf brands of spirits that they charge for, but I didn't see anyone ordering those. Unless you are very brand specific on something, you should find the open bar offering sufficient for a nice time.
  3. PBfromDC

    Open bar

    Cool Cruise is correct. Alcohol - spirits, wine, champagne are included and the brands offered were quite nice. There are up brands available for purchase. On our Le Boreal trans-Atlantic last year I would estimate the average age to be in the mid-50's, perhaps a little older. It was an active and lively mix of passengers 2/3 French, 1/3 Americans, Germans and other nationalities mixed in. We had three sets of musicians - a woman who played classical piano (most often in the Observation Lounge before and after dinner), two young couples that would alternate in the main lounge (a singer and keyboard or piano player). They helped to create festive evenings. Very enjoyable.
  4. We're doing a trans-Atlantic on Le Champlain in April. We are in a basic cabin. Will post a review when we get back.
  5. Just made final payment for Le Champlain April 2019 Trans-Atlantic from Cayenne, French Guiana to Lisbon. Looking forward to the new ships! Anyone else joining us? Perry
  6. Thank you all for your replies. Love the smaller ships which is one of the reasons the Braemar appeals to us. The cruise we are looking at is from Barbados to Southampton.
  7. How welcome would a male couple be on a Fred Olsen Cruise - thinking about fellow passengers, not crew. My husband and I are American, in our early 60’s, well traveled, and not wild partiers. Looking at a March 2020 trans-Atlantic cruise on the Braemar. Thank you for your comments.
  8. Hi all. We will be doing a Ponant Ocean Voyage in a little over two weeks - Le Boreal, Martinique to Lisbon. In their literature Ponant states there is no on-board entertainment or speakers on their ocean voyages. Curious as to what they really mean about no on-board entertainment. No shows? Probably. No live music (or recorded) in cocktail lounges pre-or-post dinners? Hope not. Won't change our minds as we're looking forward to the trip - just wanting to know what to expect. Any experiences you've had would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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