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  1. Hey Reds4life, I thought that may work. Thanks for verifying it may work.
  2. Hello, My DW and I are both diamond status. Can I get the 5% off the second cabin booked if it is their first cruise? If not, should I be able to book two cabins with her in one and me in the other? Thanks
  3. Hi Bluewake, Our documents also said plusgrade on them. So I am sure you will be upgraded. It is a good way to try the Yacht Club at a cheaper price. It was our first inside so it was a little different not having any outside reference to gauge night and day. You spend most of your time outside the cabin and that makes it a little easier. I would take a tablet or clock since there is no clock in the room. It was non-YC passengers coming in. They probably have been on MSC before and knew the tricks. Inside the YC they do not ask for a card\bracelet to get drinks. So, once in it's free drinks.
  4. That's a good question. On our cruise it would have been. The ship was sold out, hot and it seemed like thousands of kids on board. We did get YC drinks everywhere on the ship.
  5. Ok, I am back from the cruise. We did indeed get the Yacht Club Benefits. So, I guess the shore side reps do not know how it works. We ended up in cabin 16023. We usually do balcony cabins. The other cruise we took on Divina on a forward facing balcony cabin that was very nice. This was our first Inside cabin. It was very small cabin with a shower that was tiny. I think the restaurant was above us because every night about the same time there was a lot of banging and moving around of items. A few notes: Carry some tip money for the porters when you get there. They were pretty vocal about getting a tip for moving your bag 5 feet to put on a cart. Try to keep up with the butler when getting on boarding. They move fast and you are mixing in with the other passengers. There were about 10 - 15 in our group going up and I don't think everyone made it. On lobster day (Thursday) get to the Yacht Club grill early. They ran out of lobster or quit serving pretty quickly. We were limited to 1 each. There were people from other parts of the ship eating there also. For breakfast, the Yacht Club grill is OK. For a little more variety, the buffets had a few more choices. We never tried the Yacht Club restaurant for breakfast. You can get items from the Venchi bar included. I had a banana milk shake and many marrochino's. The hot chocolate was very rich. It was like drinking hot fudge, very thick. We played the slots and charged to the room. There was no extra fees added. Gelato bar was also included. I had a chocolate covered bar that was pretty good. Don't waste your time going to the Yacht Club grill when it is raining. The overhang is too small for a spot for the tables. We were up there when it started and they moved the tables up next to the buffet. It would have been great to sit at one of these. You didn't even have to get out of your chair to refill your plate. If you can't decide between the Butchers Cut and the other restaurant that list the filet mignon, we were told it is the same steak. It was very good. The sides were not. We would do the other (maybe it was Ocean Cay) since we could get crab cakes there. For more varieties of beer, the sports bar had more. They do allow a certain number of people into the Yacht Club from other parts of the ship. I am not sure if it is a day or week long pass. There were quite a few that got in using the glass door on the top deck by tailgating. It got quite crowded at times. That all I can think of now. But, we had a great time. If anyone has questions, I will try to answer them.
  6. It technically could still be 2 days since we don't get on until saturday.
  7. This is a second bid for a YC balcony. I had 2 upgrade offers.
  8. Mine shows pending and I am 1 day out.
  9. I wouldn't give up yet. They could move people around when closer and you still get a chance🙂
  10. It was about 1 month later. Good luck.
  11. 6 days till we get on the ship 🙂 We were assigned YC cabin 16023. The minimum bid for a upgrade from our YC inside to YC Balcony is now $340 per person. I will post if we really do get the yacht club benefits.
  12. Would a clamp like this work on the chairs? It would open up a lot of umbrella choices. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Metal-Clamp-Holder-Clip-Beach-Fishing-Umbrella-Mount-Chair-Clamp-1-1-Pole/273820944020?hash=item3fc1000694:g:CncAAOSwbURcwVjx
  13. When I log into the website this is what it lists. I'm not sure the on shore people really know about this program. Cabin Details Stateroom # 16023 Msc Yacht Club Interior Suite Experience MSC YACHT CLUB Deck 16 Passengers Price Details Services Included DINING FREE ENTERTAINMENT ACTIVITIES, FITNESS & POOL KIDS CLUB EARN POINTS Additional Benefits of MSC YACHT CLUB Experience • The ultimate VIP Experience • All-inclusive food & drinks • Concierge Service • 24-hour Butler service • Luxurious suites • Access to Private Areas
  14. OK, I got a reply from the second rep. Here is what she wrote: Yes, so sorry for the late response. So you will be upgrading the cabin and not the amenities is what I was advised. Also that if you wanted further information on the bid up upgrade program you would have to contact 9549581079 if there is anything else I can assist you with please let me know
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