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  1. Carnival said on June 18 they are going to "transition" six ships from their fleet. Just sayin'.
  2. The original ban was to 15/6 in my understanding, but now it's open ended.
  3. Coincidentally, I was due to pay the balance on a July 31 Carnival Splendor cruise from Sydney on May 4th. I am getting my deposit back. I had reached out to the travel agent (the one that is closing) before the announcement and they were great, most helpful.
  4. And yet Voyager Of The Seas went out again. A friend (who is fine) is in self isolation until April 1.
  5. Voyager of the Seas should be there by now, with Ovation of the seas heading there very slowly. Should be a great sight from the Golden View lookout!
  6. Now off Sydney Status says "Not Under Command"
  7. Marine Traffic has Pacific Explorer off Millers Point, destination, drifting? Suppose she can join Queen Elizabeth Awaiting Orders!
  8. So, what are the ships going to do while stuck at a dock or at anchor? Will they be shut down completely? Will there be minimal crew and power to keep systems going? If so, will they be forced to use "clean" fuel? Having particulate generators at White Bay, the OPT and Athol Buoy would not be too pleasant!
  9. Here's the thing. All these restrictions will not stop the virus. As we have seen, people may not know they have been in contact with an infected person, and the test for the virus is not 100% accurate. What the restrictions do is slow the spread down. 24 million Australians X 60% going to get the virus X 20% needing hospitalisation is about 2.9 million people. 2.9 million people. If that happened in 1 month... We have all seen the future dystopian movies, only this is a supercharged cold rather than a zombie apocalypse. Point is, the slower the virus passes from person to person, the better we are able to deal with it.
  10. Lifou, Mare, Isle of Pines all off limits to cruise ships last I heard. Check with Princess and the smart traveller website has a page on pacific islands.
  11. We are on Carnival Splendor in July. Should we pack for snorkelling or snow?
  12. There is another thread on this. I am not a diamond, but I was on the repositioning cruise Singapore-Sydney on Voyager ots last November. I met a few unhappy diamonds This is what happens when RCI turns public areas into cabins,
  13. Aren't they just places you change planes? :-), But seriously that's 6 extra hours going direct from Sydney. Not a joke. And as to boarding in Rome, it's only 3 hours by fast train from Milan...
  14. Suncorp do not cover epidemics and pandemics that have been declared as such by WHO. I have not been able to find such a declaration, even on WHOs website at 20/02/2020.
  15. Here's the problem with tests. No test is 100% reliable. They can give a false positive, saying that someone has the disease when they do not, and false negative, saying the person doesn't have the disease when they do. Warning, maths ahead! Lets say there were 3000 uninfected people on the Diamond Princess, and 500 infected, none showing symptoms. Let us also assume the test is 95% reliable. These are just figures plucked out of the air to illustrate a point. Test them all, of the 3000 non infected, 2850 will test negative, 150 will test positive. Of the 500 infected, 475 will test positive and 25 negative. Summing that up, 625 will be told they have the virus (but 150 don't) and 2875 will be told they don't have the virus (but 25 do). That's the scary part. It's no wonder USA and Australian governments are insisting on further quarantine. Even if the test is 99% reliable, that's still 5 people out there. I have no idea of the reliability of the test.
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