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  1. Looks like they are evacuating all passengers using helicopters right now. Its blowing full storm outside the coast of Norway and they have lost engines but looks like they have managed to anchor 1 km off shore.
  2. And why would I have the need to lie to you about how many I drink? No one knows me here. I have no need to impress anyone. I drink that amount steadily throughout the day. And easily too. I could have have had many more but since I travel with children I dont want to get drunk. Most normal sized men can do this if they want to and if they drink regularly. For most women and men like yourself they probably can not and will not have the same benefit of a drink package,
  3. 5 a day? What utter nonsense. During the day at the pool 10- 15 cocktails or beer is not a big deal. During the evening another 10 -15 for dinner, shows and casino is not a big deal either. Sometimes more, sometimes less. But not alot less. I dont go on excursions, I only stay in the ship. And of course it matters that it is vacation. Value for money? Absolutely!
  4. Wrong. Just because you are American and used to tip for everything does NOT make it the right thing to do. In most other countrys the salary the employer pays covers everything,
  5. Why is this even a topic? MSC discourages tipping. End of story.
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