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  1. Is this a personal prognostication or an industry wide one?
  2. Thanks. That's one good bit of news. Now to figure out how to get the "Free Cheers " offer.
  3. Dick.....don't know where or how long your February cruise is, but unless it's out of Miami or Port Canaveral, it will probably be cancelled. If it's out of 1 of those ports and 6 or 7 days, it could be also be reduced down to a 3 or 4 day cruise since February may or may not be during the trial phase of cruises returning. I would just wait and make your final payment on 12/7. There is a substantially better than 50/50 chance that your cruise will be cancelled, you'll be able to get your refund eventually and then you can sit on the sidelines till late 2022 or whenever you feel cruising
  4. Princess had a promotion in the past called Best Sale Ever and it became so popular that they now offer a two tier system with regards to booking cabins. One is a no frills base fare and the other "Value Plan" costs 40.00 per day additional. When you factor out the included gratuities of 14.50 per day, for the balance of 25.50 per day you get their drinks package as well as wifi. Regarding MSC, they do in fact match loyalty levels. Carnival Platinum will correlate to MSC Gold. I assume that RCI's Diamond would as well. Need to be Diamond with Carnival and I assume Diamond Plus with
  5. Depending upon which attributes that you like about Carnival there are various mass market lines that you can switch to. RCI, NCL, MSC, Celebrity, and Princess are the top 5 competitors.
  6. If you fly in the day before, hotels are cheaper in FLL. If you fly in the day of, shuttles are 15.00 from FLL to Miami cruise port. There is no added step, you either fly in the day before, stay in a hotel and take a shuttle, cab or uber to the port. If you fly in the morning of, the hotel stay is eliminated.
  7. On a similar note, if Cheers and Cruise Cash are purchased for a certain cruise and the date is shifted a week or two with a new reservation, do the purchases shift, or are they cancelled and have to be repurchased? I bought these for our MG cruise in August under the promo deal and thinking about shifting it to September since the sailing as well as the airfare is cheaper. I'm hoping they would shift.
  8. Here is a link that you'll be able to see many videos from various Boardwalk Cabins. Deck 8 - 3 videos, Deck 9 - 5 videos, Deck 10 - 6 videos, Deck 11 - 4 videos, Deck 12 - 5 videos, Deck 14 - 2 videos. I hope these 25 videos from all over the Boardwalk cabins gives you the mental picture you're looking for. https://www.cruisedeckplans.com/DP/deckplans/Oasis-of-the-Seas
  9. What I lost with the introduction of FTTF was the minuscule amount of people that would be in line ahead of me the few times that I would go to customer service. On our last Horizon cruise last year, it was cut short because of an impending hurricane. When I went to guest services, the line at guest services in the roped off area was incredibly deep because of the addition of the FTTF people. FTTF is a pure money grab by Carnival that costs them nothing. The price for it has increased over the years and is scaled according to the newness of the ship and the length of the cruise.
  10. Off the top of my head. The reduction with the number of bags of laundry being done, the change regarding the past guest party being allocated for 45 minutes on the last day, and the implementation of FTTF, which allows reds and golds to purchase perks that Plats and Diamonds have earned. Since tender priority doesn't happen too often, early embarkation and the dedicated line at guest services are the only perks worth anything. And the dedicated line is now also full of FTTF people that should not be there, IMHO.
  11. Have we ever gone through something like this with the CDC imposing a 7 day maximum for cruise lengths? If the CDC lifts their ban then that would open up longer cruise lengths. My next 10 day should be on the Enchanted in March of 2022. Hopefully she'll cross the pond next October for her fall/winter 10 day Caribbean schedule.
  12. We lucked out and got our 2 Royal refunds in 9 days from a May fully paid cruise they cancelled and an August deposited cruise we cancelled.
  13. Is the oct 21 Quebec to FLL permanently cancelled like all Princess cruises through march 31 or temporarily cancelled because of the CDC and Canadian cruise ship ban. If it's the latter, then there is the possibility the cruise could happen if both bans were lifted.
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