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  1. It's not quite the move. It's just a confirmation of Princess cancellations that correspond to mandates from Canada and Australia regarding the continuation of no cruise ships cruising. It was not a move started by Princess, just their confirmation of dates.
  2. How about an eastbound TA, combined with a week on land and then a westbound TA? Good bucket list option 😀
  3. Personally I think you should wait until your Harmony cruise in November, but I assume you'll be stuck on your Magic cruise assuming of course you've made final payment and it does indeed happen. We lost out on our June Bermuda cruise on the Adventure and we decided to not make final payment on our Oasis cruise for August 30 out of Bayonne. Too close to the Epicenter and too soon, IMHO. Everybody has to make their own decision as to when they wish to cruise again and of course what new stipulations that are acceptable. We have decided to let others be the guinea pigs on late summer and fall cruises and hopefully by our January cruise there will be a vaccine. If not, we'll just adapt to whatever conditions are in effect at that time.
  4. Could not agree more. We were on the Edge this past January and it was one of the best cruises we have taken. Enjoyed it so much that we booked a cabin on it's new sister ship the Apex for January of 2023. For this January we will try Princess for the first time on their newest build, the Enchanted. We got an all inclusive rate including drinks, gratuities and Wi-Fi far cheaper than comparable packages on Celebrity and even NCL.
  5. I have no idea what you're talking about, so ... Can you please stop bogarting that thing you're smoking and pass it along to kill a little of the no cruising pain?
  6. The only time that you would ever get a lobster roll included in your cruise fare on Carnival would be if the ship ever visited Fantasyland. The Lobster Roll that you pay extra for at the Seafood Shack is drenched in mayo like many places serve them. I for one would just get mine naked, with a few pieces of lemon squeezed over the top to not overpower the delicate flavor of the lobster.
  7. Walking out of a 5 star establishment with leftovers for the following day can not be compared to walking a box back to your cabin at all. You can't compare leftovers with your complete dinner. And you certainly can't compare anything you would get at a buffet on Carnival, including Guy's Burgers or Blue Iguana Cafe with anything remotely associated with 5 star dining. Carnival is not a luxury cruise line, far from it. Carnival is a mainstream cruise line on a par with NCL and MSC. They're a step below RCI, Princess and Celebrity. Just because a cruise line offers suites does not classify them as luxury. Would you say that Quality Inn & Suites or something comparable was luxury just because they offered suites? It's all a matter of perspective. Anything that gets you away from the daily chores of cooking, cleaning and washing dishes is considered luxury to you. That's your level and you're fully entitled to it. But the bar that is luxury is not Carnival, nor any of the other mainstream lines I mentioned above. I will never cruise on a true luxury line because I could cruise for multiple weeks on a mainstream one and have a better time and a higher perceived value to me.
  8. There are certain categories of purchase that cannot be part of the lift and shift. Hopefully this will not come to fruition and you'll enjoy your cruise. We did in January and enjoyed it so much we booked on board for Jan of 22 on the Apex.
  9. If you can possibly switch your Feb 2021 to Jan 2021, there are great deals. We originally booked last Jan and have seen 2 price drops to the tune of under 900 out the door including tax for the value package which was initially the Best Sale Ever.
  10. And sometimes get you placed on the bench for a week.
  11. No, not the Corona Virus specifically, but all of the peripheral stuff that we have to deal with. Like being out of work for 2 1/2 months and losing the opportunity to go on cruises in June and August. The June cruise was a one time opportunity that has gone down the drain involving 5 different families that will not come to fruition in the future. At this point I am just hoping there is not a rebound this fall so our January cruise on the Enchanted Princess is a go.
  12. There is a Cruise With Confidence policy that some lines have. I know that Royal and Celebrity have it, also possibly NCL. Even if the cruise you're booked on sails, you can cancel up to 48 hours ahead of time, and you would receive a FCC. I don't believe that Carnival has such a policy in place. Our next Carnival cruise is not until August of 21 on the Mardi Gras, so all of this nonsense should be in our rear view mirror by then.
  13. Enchanted Princess January 21 Mardi Gras August 21 Celebrity Apex January 22 Like to sail on the new builds!
  14. Princess continues to cancel cruises just like all of the other cruise lines are doing, usually on a month to month basis to try to keep as much money in house as they can and also to manage the refund process and FCC process at a somewhat manageable rate. Carnival, which of course owns Princess has a tentative plan to cruise in August with 8 ships out of 3 ports (MIA, PC, FLL), even if this does get pushed back, there will be cruising this fall on all of the mainstream cruise lines IMHO. This would be Carnival, Royal, NCL, Celebrity, Princess and MSC. The country is slowly starting to open up and I don't think it's being too optimistic to think that cruising will not resume in 4-5 months.
  15. Your last statement basically means that you're being cautious and you don't want to cruise until 2022. You also don't want a FCC, so why are you even contemplating cruising in December when you're leaning towards waiting until 2022. I will infer that you're part of the "I'm not cruising until there is a vaccine" group. You can't have it both ways, it seems like you're excited about the cheap deposit and the upgrade you got, but at the same time part of you wishes to wait until 2022 to cruise again. You have one foot on either side of the proverbial line in the sand.
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