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  1. I just got the pockit plus for a trip to Maine this summer and I love how small it folds down! Thanks for all of the information. I think we will switch to a boat that has more services for his age. I was a little disappointed about the pool situation since we already are doing swim classes but I understand that they can't really drain and fill the pool at sea like swim schools can if there is an accident. Traveling has always been a big part of my life, I can't imagine not experiencing it with my son, he's already flown 3 separate roundtrip flights and been to 3 states. It's been an adjustment but my hope is that he will grow up loving it and learning how to act in many different situations.
  2. We have a balcony booked and I think we will either do a balcony or a Junior Suite when we switch it. I like ocean view just fine but didn't consider how he would do with sleeping at that age. Right now he sleeps 11.5 hours with a white noise machine and we have been fine covering his pack and play to block light and keeping TV sound on low but not sure how that will change when he's older. I did an interior once and I slept all the time, I couldn't seem to adjust!
  3. Thank you! My little guy is only 6 months right now and therefore is happily entertained by a few toys on planes, in restaurants etc. if we adjust times and durations. When did you find that your toddler became interested in shows/apps on the ipad? Did you just give something with no sound or were there headphones that worked for young ages? I would want to minimize the disruption to tables around us via sound as much as possible.
  4. Thank you! Are there any ships that you remember that you would generally recommend as better nurseries? Or that had better splash pads etc? My thought is to let him spend some time in there on an early sea day to make sure he does okay before leaving him for an excursion. If he doesn't do well we can cancel the excursion and gear more towards him. Any other suggestions for leaving him in the nursery during an excursion?
  5. For those of you who have utilized the Royal Caribbean nursery as a parent/grandparent traveling with a baby under 3: how was the experience for you? How much time was available to book for childcare? Were you able to leave the ship for an excursion and leave toddler in the nursery? Would you use it again, why or why not? Please note that I am only looking for experiences from parents/grandparents etc. who have used this service. I am not looking for opinions about what kind of mother I am for wanting to use it or how you never used it but think kids should stay at home etc.
  6. I think you're right and we should switch to a cruise with a nursery. Lesson learned, I had no idea that there were no options on a few ships (since they eliminated in-room babysitting).
  7. My husband and I currently have a cruise booked for a Southern Caribbean itinerary for next February on Adventure of the Seas. Our plan was to bring our then 17 month old son. But, I'm noticing that there is no nursery on the Adventure of the Seas and it seems like no babysitting option. Can anybody share any recent experiences? We LOVE the itinerary but trying to decide if we should stick with this itinerary if there is really no services for our toddler, switch to a more family friendly ship, or see if we can leave him with a relative. Any experiences?
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