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  1. Hello, I am taking a cruise with RCCL next week in SE Asia, one of our ports is Langkawi and I have no idea what to do there. My girlfriend and I are considering the skycab and oriental village excursion. Mostly though, for the oriental village because she is afraid of heights and might not enjoy the skycab. What I'm wondering is, if we get this package, does anyone know if we can skip the skycab? I'm sure we'll be charged for it, but I want to make sure that he bus doesn't just drop us off at the top of a hill and our only option is to take it down to get to the village. I'd much rather spend the entire time in the village. Thanks
  2. I get that, and Ive tried that. But it isnt for me. I dont need to plan it down to the minute, but I usually get a list of things I want to do. Once there I can go by the list or do my own thing. I've had plenty of ports where I get off with nothing to do and just feel lost and surrounded by tons of people trying to sell me items or services. At that point sometimes it's best to just grab . food and head back onto the ship. I'm sure plenty of people love getting to a port with no plans, but not really for me unless I've been to that port before.
  3. Your first post didnt load the picture for me for some reason, I just got to see it now. That is actually a much better option for next time (I seem to have this issue every time I go on a royal cruise 😔). I ended up sticking to chrome but incognito mode fixed it. clearing cache and cookies would have also done the trick I guess, but I think either of those option (your first travel agent suggestion or incognito) are faster. One of the reasons this annoys me so much is that I work on websites for a living. Usually for tiny companies, and the slightest issue usually brings everything to a halt til it gets fixed. the reason is that we want customers to enjoy the experience. Meanwhile Giant corps like Royal (and many many others) Have these extremely annoying situations (that can make entire sections of the website unusable) and no one bats an eye! But my rant is over, I got my info, life goes on. Now I'm excited planning out my trip. The real nightmare will be if my parents ever book a cruise and I become their tech support for these issues! It'll take me an hour to explain how to use incognito mode followed by another hour explaining that it wont cause viruses or ask for credit card info! 🤣
  4. this isn't a bad idea, but actually DewaldCruisers advice of using incognito did the trick! I got all the information I could and pasted it over to use outside the website. It's still annoying to have to do this though. I get that there are ways to go around it, but I guess my biggest issue is why should we have to? Maybe not everyone will agree with me on this, but the way I see it, they offer us this feature as paying customers, so we should have access to it without having to figure out creative ways of accessing our information.
  5. I guess the itinerary shows up with times if you book through RC, I go through an online travel agency. The invoice shows the ports, but not the schedule. As far as what I mean in regards to whats available, I'm specifically looking into port activities. I'm going to be doing a SE Asia cruise in December. An example of what frustrates me: I am looking for things to do while in Penang. I see some night markets mixed with hawker centers that open at 7pm, I know that some of our ports are late arrivals with late departures, I believe they depart at 10pm. I have no idea if Penang is one of these late ones. Only way to find out is to log onto to my cruise planner. I'll have to try DewaldCruisers advice and try incognito mode.
  6. The RC website. I'm loosing my sanity over it. I want to plan out my cruise but life happens. Work, activities, friends, events, dinners, just basic life stuff that always keep us busy. as the cruise gets closer I keep telling myself, you HAVE to make time to plan out your cruise! I''ll finally have an hour to dedicate to it. I'll flip on the website and it wont let me in. I'll search for help online and most people say, wait half an hour or a few hours and try again, that cant be right! I call RC and get the same response! How is it that if I can only dedicate 1-2 hours or so a week to this, I have to wait 1-2 hours after going to the site, before I can use it! Am I taking crazy pills here? So today I started thinking, I'm going to have to make my own spreadsheet and enter all the information manually and just do it that way. So I start getting excited and put down where I'll be on what day, and then as I start making plans the obvious questions come up: what will be open at this port? what will be available for food at this port? how long do I have at this port? Well let me check the schedule of each stop....oh wait! that info is only available after I log in on the website!!! and it wont let me in for 1-2 hours!!! 😤😩 There has to be a better way! Royal Caribbean, I doubt you'll ever read this post, but if you somehow run into it, all I want to ask is: really?!?! Really?!?!!? you can't set up a simple session feature on a website? Everyone else has it figured out except for you guys? how is that possible?
  7. Just saw this online (not sure if I can link to outside news sources, but should be easy to find) as a new change to the law yesterday. I have a cruise out of Singapore in December and am really curious about this. I don't have my medical records so I'm considering getting vaccinated again (read it doesnt affect you if you get duplicates). But I am curious what I need to be vaccinated against? While doing research I also read that most countries have these type of laws, but I have never had to provide proof of anything, so I'm wondering if I should be concerned or not. I've mostly been to European, American and Caribbean Countries not sure if Asia has a different way of doing things.
  8. After a cruise in SE Asia, I will have a 12 hour layover in NRT airport. I'm wondering how far it is form Tokyo and how realistic it would be to head that way and explore for a bit? All I want to do is try some ramen / Sushi and take some pictures. I saw in other forums that some people did full excursions during 8 hour layovers, so I'm guessing with 12 hours I have more flexibility but I have no idea what travel times or methods to Tokyo would be like. also would I need a visa? Lastly, if this is possible, any recommendations on places for Ramen or sushi? thanks!
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