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  1. Finally got a hold of someone via phone and they pretty much confirmed just this. Thanks!
  2. Carnival's website says we have until the day before to cancel cheers. Our cruise isn't until February 2021, but not looking good. I decided to at least get my Cheers refunded since it's close to 900.00. Website let me cancel but it's been a day and no email or update, it just doesn't show on my account anymore. I expected it may take a month (if not more) to get the refund, but I thought I'd at least get some sort of confirmation by now. Calling just puts me on hold for ever. Any ideas?
  3. Is this a bad thing? We have a family sailing that requires 6 rooms. 4 people want the drink package,the rest do not. We are considering putting those four in 2 rooms because of the "everyone in the room buys the package" rule... Even though they aren't staying together. My question is, first is this a bad thing to consider? We aren't trying to ripoff anyone, unless I'm thinking of it the wrong way. And as far as inconvenience of not accessing your room because you have the key to another room... I don't see that happening because we are all couples who will (for the most part) all be with their room mate the majority of the time. So I'm wondering if anyone has any thoughts or sees issues with this both morally and/or logistically. Thanks
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