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  1. Curious mind wants to know. I already put down a deposit with Royal, but I now see a TA offer a better rate with some perks and I am still within the 60 day transfer deadline. If I transfer to the TA will the TA make less money vs if I book with the TA from the beginning? I don't want to penalize the TA.
  2. Celebrity is poor (wo)man's Cunard (HAL also competes well in that race, lol), just like Royal is poor kid's Disney. Carnival is fun and unpretentious and down to earth. I wouldn't call it elegant but the Dream class and later ships are great fun. I do find Carnival ships less robust in handling crowd so I would recommend off season. I means all ships will feel more spacious in off season but timing makes a bigger difference on Carnival and Norwegians ships, ime. As for rowdy behaviors I think I can believe Carnival is more prone just based off the average age of cruisers but I personally haven't experience anything terrible on any line. Knock on wood. For 6 to 8 day Caribbean cruises during low season I honestly would pick Carnival over Celebrity. Good itineraries and better prices. Celebrity does have some very nice 12 day sailings. But then Carnival had a great Glory sailing earlier this year, best 14 day Caribbean itinerary I have ever seen.
  3. By any chance the ship also calls on Victoria on day 3? If so you could board there.
  4. Looks like a for real sale! The cruise I want the most isn't eligible but the runner up is. I think I might book. I assume the the deposit is refundable right? NCL to my knowledge has not pulled that non-refundable-deposit-in-fine-print trick that so many other cruise lines love.
  5. Very sad. We all make mistakes. The luckier ones make mistakes that have little consequences. But once a while someone makes a mistake that is life changing in the worst way. RIP, little one. My condolences to the family.
  6. NCL is my least favorite mass market cruise line and for my likes and wants I rank it below Carnival. But there is one thing I really like and it is their last minute solo rates.
  7. That's what I did. The Carnival offer on the website disappeared after I paid $350 each on my card and hubby's card. But no confirmation email. I supposed that since the offers disappeared it means they were used?
  8. True. What Celebrity is doing is similar to NCL. A big part of the reason why I haven't found anything I like on Celebrity - Drinks often bundled with other perks. All I want is a clean base price with no perk and the ability to choose my cabin. Believe or not Carnival (and to a lesser degree Princess) is the most straightforward in their pricing game nowadays. Relatively little smoke and mirror.
  9. I have never received anything worthwhile from their emails. Also, to some this $18 gate is not some deal of the century. In fact I still may cancel it on my little 3 day cruise because even if I just use it as refreshment package I still will not get my money's worth. And no, I don't have access to diamond lounge or suite lounge or some high roller lounge. Just not a drinker. And I didn't bother with it for my 7 day, 8 day and 10 day cruises even though they were all offered. No way I could be close to breaking even. I do begin to think this might be an experiment. NCL has been effectively selling their drink packages at $20/pppd regularly for a couple of years now. Royal seems to follow NCL's marketing shtick a lot, just usually a step behind.
  10. Can you on the last day choose to pay down your cash acct with a credit card? Also, I am not clear on the advantage. Wouldn't Royal still just charge up your sea pass card with whatever amount they want and you still have to pay on your last day? When I think about that arcade thread the only advantage I can think of is the kids would hit the $500 limit much sooner.
  11. I only have one carnival cruise booked and it's far out. If I use this offer and later decide to move (not cancel) my booking to a different date, will it trigger Amex to take back the $75?
  12. She ignored me for years. She was always dead to me.
  13. Very true. And If they don't honor it a little bit of OBC or a real sale price would be nice. Personally i I am hoping for OBC but sale would work for many others.
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