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  1. Thank you @martincath I have chipped credit cards so I am thinking iwill be fine there as long as the ship docks as scheduled. hopefully there will be no fog delays or things like that in Vancouver as in Tampa.
  2. @martincath Thank you you for the info. I am taking the Canadian with VIA rail, Vancouver to Toronto. It's more expensive than the cruise itself and I don't want to miss it. Lol it requires me to check in 90 mins before so I need to arrive by 1:30 pm. I travel light and will only have a carry on and a backpack. Just wondering if there is any tips I should know . My plan is to get off the ship late, likely around 10am, then take the Expo line from the Waterfront station to Science World station. I wont have any Canadian change, but I do have $5 Canadian bills. I believe I can use a credit card to buy the ticket at Warerfront, am I right?
  3. The ship NCL Jewel docks at 8am and the train departs at 3pm. My plan is to stay on the ship as long as possible and then take SkyTrain to Pacific Center. I am assuming I will have plenty of time but just wondering if there are anything I should be aware of? I can self disembark if needed.
  4. Same, mine is also this weekend. What happens if we can't print edocs before boarding?
  5. Totally agree about solo and ship excursions. When I cruise solo I like to book ship excursions for convenience. Also, maybe I have been searching in the wrong places but I have never found independent excursions all that much cheaper. I did notice NCL inflated their shore excursion prices, at least for my Alaska cruise. On my cruise almost every exclusion is somewhere between $15 to $40 more than the exact same exclusion on other lines like Carnival, Princess, Royal. Taking that into account the real value of the shore excursion credit is less than $50 per port.
  6. To think I canceled my Cuba sailing only last week but not because of any of this but because I realized cruising was not a good vacation to visit somewhere I really wanted to visit. I canceled my Empress sailing and booked airfare and a multi-day land tour in Cuba instead. Luckily we won't be affected. We have two citizenships and in the worst case scenario we will just fly to Cuba from a different country. Hope those who booked Cuban cruises will find some good alternatives.
  7. Is it still $50 per stateroom per port for solo travelers? I get $50 if I go by myself?
  8. Does it vary a lot by ship? i am looking at a solo snowbird on either Zuiderdam, Zaandam, Veendam or Caribbean Princess. Any of them stands out?
  9. That is also my hesitation with those nice and spacious square rooms on deck 1 on Kdam when I go solo. Did you have to pay to move an assigned room? I know on some cruise lines you don't always have to pay to move a guarantee assignment. Not sure about HAL's policy.
  10. Where I live I see these events all the time in summer weekends. I bet there is one going on in the state park close to my house. They are just the Spanish version of the Sweet Sixteen party for girls, except one year younger and more dressy. These events are very visible for sure, but are not particularly noisy, nor are they prone to getting drunk or out of hand. After all the girls are only 15 and the parents are most likely in their 40's or 50's, neither in the binge drinking age. I doubt they will be unduly intrusive to anyone. More like a large group wedding with a dry bar.
  11. I saw that $549 deal too. Best part? ZERO single supplement! I spent the whole night last night trying to figure out how to get to Anchorage without breaking the bank. No luck! Lol NCL tend to have best deals last minute. More so than other lines, especially if you cruise solo.
  12. I noticed the high port fee too and wondered if it was a mistake. Also I was trying to book a solo cruise and the port fee was still double no matter how I book. Not sure if their new solo policy or a web glitch.
  13. There is a Freeport plan? Do you when it's due to be completed?
  14. There is a 4-nighter to Bermuda? Where does it leave from? How long were you in Bermuda?
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