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    Taku 5 glacier and feast

    We have booked this excursion for this summer!
  2. Is Celestyal Cruises discontinuing cruises to Cuba after March 2018? I don't see any listed. TIA!
  3. I don't know what route the shuttle takes and whether it is a single drop off in town or multiple drop offs The map is very helpful and looks like we could walk to the airport from any point in town -- correct? We are going Jun 2018 so plenty of time to book a flightseeing trip and I've read many of those reports. I just have to figure out if we can get to the airport, Thanks so much!
  4. Will the hotel shuttle take us to the airport or are there other transportation options? Wondering if we are stuck booking flightseeing through Princess or if can we get to the airport and book independently. TIA! P.S. Meant Talkeetna Airport -- can't edit the title of my thread. Sorry:')
  5. What did you find in Roatan - I am having a hard time finding reputable snorkel tours. Would love to go out in a caterman. Thanks for your help!