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  1. Earliest time for doing Le Petit Chef is 6:30 p.m.
  2. If you leave at 8 p.m. everyone will need to be onboard by 7-ish anyway. OP has never been on a cruise so........
  3. Some people love the aft but I am not one of those.
  4. Susan Anton Bob Dickinson, former Head of Carnival Gavin MacLeod Jason Alexander Dave Matthews Band came onboard after their concert in Nassau was rained out and did a show. This was a DMB cruise though. Michael Mondavi Various pro basketball and football players
  5. jdvmd


    Early or late in the season. Keep in mind shore excursions will eat up a bit of your budget.
  6. We only travel with carry ons and love the IT brand as it is the world's lightest. They also make in larger sizes. Husband decided to invest in a new TravelPro a couple of months ago and the wheels have already become warped. Would not buy one ever again.
  7. NCL has two bedroom suites. Royal and the newer MSC ships. These suites will cost more though than two cabins.
  8. Our ship got in early this past August. Our son flew back by himself to DC at 9:45 a.m. and we flew to Chicago at 10:20 a.m.
  9. Welcome to Cruise Critic! Knowing your ports might make this a bit easier but I would lean toward 3, 4 or 5.
  10. You should check with each embassy. As the others said, it depends on your citizenship.
  11. I would take her if only for making family memories. Bet your father would enjoy the extra time with his granddaughter too. We have done two Canada/NE cruises with our kids. The first time our son was about the same age as your daughter. He enjoyed the historical aspects of the cruise. The second cruise was during our fall break and we actually ran into his homeroom teacher at Arcadia National Park, who was doing a land trip in celebration of her 25th anniversary.
  12. Awesome job! Love the new color schemes. And that swing over the water at GSC is amazing! Thank you!
  13. This is a Interior Stateroom. There are 407 of these types of cabins on this ship. The typical cabin size is 129 sqft (12 m2). These types of cabins can sleep up to 4 people. Interior cabins range from 129 to 151 square feet. Cabin: 14659 Detail Information from Cruise Line: Sub Category: I4 Cabin type: Inside Occupancy: 4 Located on deck: 14 Number of pullman beds: 2 Cabin size: 135 square feet This cabin is located on the port side of the ship
  14. Seems like she is always working. I went and made my appointment at the salon. Also, made it for the San Juan day because I knew we weren't getting off the ship and we arrived so late (5 p.m.)
  15. I can only speak about our own experience on a Celebrity Med cruise in 2013. My daughter had to leave the cruise early Istanbul because of work commitments in the Netherlands. After calling Celebrity, I was instructed as the travel agent on record to submit a request to the Emergency Team including the specifics on the cruise (date, itinerary, confirmation numbers etc. ) and explain why she needed to leave early. Also, had to have her return flight booked and include all of the flight information as well as proof of booking. Also, it was her responsibility to have her Turkish visa ahead of time. We made sure everything was in order and had to meet with the head of Guest Services on the ship. They were trying to make her buy another visa though she had already purchased. In the end, it all worked out, but you definitely need to arrange ahead of time. Should have added before hitting submit, the request was approved and they sent a letter. It was called Pre Downline request so this is how you should word with NCL.
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