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  1. The Spanish government have just banned ALL cruise ships from their ports for an indefinable time. Rightly or wrongly, the cruise industry seems to be taking the hit for Covid-19. CMV (small British based cruise line) have started urgently seeking a loan. Barclays have already denied them. Carnival is seeking to dispose of 6 ships. It seems that anyone who has a “weakest link“ will be vulnerable in these desperate times.
  2. The first ship’s casualties have arrived. It’s Carnival but it can only be the beginning. https://cruisemarsh.wordpress.com/2020/06/18/carnival-corporation-have-principle-agreements-for-disposal-of-6-ships/
  3. Viking has now suspended all sailings until August 31st.
  4. Saga has now postponed all cruises until September 1st. I don’t think other cruise lines will be far behind them.
  5. Just FYI I was surprised to receive an email from Azamara today advising me that my TA now had details of my FCC for my cancelled June 11th Cruise. I had only paid the deposit and I cancelled the cruise myself in March before I had paid the final payment. Of course Azamara then cancelled the cruise anyway a couple of weeks ago. I was surprised to receive any credit at all as deposits in the U.K. are usually non refundable. There was no option to ask for a refund of my money.
  6. Yes I thought this was a much more relevant survey and better designed to gain information about our future cruising plans. I also said I was unlikely to cruise again until a vaccine OR effective treatment for Covid-19 was available. It is much better to have a vaccine of course, but do remember that there are many viral infections that still cannot be vaccinated against. An effective treatment may be much easier to find in the shorter term.
  7. Thanks for all your efforts and hard work over the past few years.
  8. Well I am sorry to say it but realistically I don’t think there will be any cruising until next year at least. There will need to be a viable mass vaccine available or a huge drop in the Covid infection rate. Neither of which I see happening soon. However I am looking at booking a cruise with friends in June 2021 that I think has a possibility of sailing. I think I’m an optimistic realist!
  9. Awww. 😅 So happy for them to be on their way home. There was a little dust in my eye too!
  10. So relieved that Azamara have done the right thing by you Corinne. It will give you one less thing to worry about right now. Thinking about you and take care.
  11. At least that’s some progress Corinne. Hope it arrives very soon. I’m so sorry you have had to go through all this unnecessary stress at such a sad time. Take care.
  12. Corinne, there are no words. Pam has been keeping me updated. My deepest condolences on the loss of John to this terrible virus. The only small light is that you were able to be with John at the end. Bonnie, surely this is something that you can help with by passing this issue to senior management ? I know Richard Twynam would have moved Heaven and Earth to help Corinne in her tragic situation.
  13. OK, I have bitten my tongue and tried not to respond to this stupid requirement from Azamara of a physician’s letter to certify “fitness to travel” but now I have had enough. Two comments....firstly good luck in getting any doctor to provide you with one at this time of extreme pressure. We are all working ourselves to exhaustion looking after seriously ill and dying patients. Letters to cruise lines are not on our list of priorities right now. Secondly, anyone with even a moderate pre existing relapsing chronic health condition could not be deemed “fit to travel” anyway. No doctor could predict when or whether a deterioration was likely. Someone with Cancer, Angina, COPD, Asthma, Multiple Sclerosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Chronic Fatigue....they are just a very few examples of varying conditions that can fluctuate dramatically at any time, including on a cruise. It doesn’t actually matter if you are over 70 or not. If you did have one of these health conditions you may be perfectly stable, yet your GP could not medically certify that would continue to be so on a cruise. Then there is the minefield of getting travel insurance.... Azamara need to reconsider this requirement now. Sorry...rant over from a very tired GP who should be retired, but has gone back to work. I have an even more exhausted GP friend fast asleep on my sofa right now. He has been working 12-14 hour days for over 2 weeks. He won’t be writing any “fitness to cruise” letters either.
  14. I got the email too. Yeah right....”book quickly as the cruises are selling out fast!” 🤣
  15. Braemar is currently circling off the coast of Cuba being shadowed by the Cuban Navy. British Airways planes have taken off and are approximately 4 hours away from Cuba. The suspected Covid-19 positive passengers will be flown home in a different plane from the other passengers and presumably then quarantined in the UK. Figures being bandied about suggest this rescue operation will cost about 2 million US dollars. I expect Cuba asked for dollar payment rather than in sterling.
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