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  1. Since canned sodas are not included in the PBP trade in each item for the flavors you like. Take the little bottles with you to the bars so you can pour yourself a double without being dinged for two of your maximum fifteen daily adult beverages Just keep it--you never know if late one night you will want one more drink after changing into your 'jammies (or less) If all else fails those little bottles fit just right in the lining of your suitcases.
  2. On sister ship Island Princess the only outdoor smoking area as stated on the Welcome Aboard letter is Deck 15 Starboardside Forward. The only covered deck in that area is the seating outside the Bar & Grill. Whether one can smoke at the tables in the starboard half I do not know. There is also a Churchill's Lounge on Deck 7 which is the only area pipe and cigar smoking is allowed. I'm sure cigarette smokers do invite themselves in as well.
  3. For April 2021 every ship's deployment is known except for Pacific Princess Star Princess, which is sailing the r/t LA to Hawaii cruises until that point will spend most of April on the very popular 28 day Hawaii-Tahiti-Samoa itinerary from March 26 to April 23. So it seems your options are to either fit that 28 day cruise into your schedule and budget, or sail from San Francisco or Seattle.
  4. If both parents are on the same cruise no power of attorney is needed to book their minor child in a different cabin as long as there is at least one adult (or sibling 16 or over) in that cabin. But there will be no taking turns as to which child accompanies the parents to suite breakfast. The staff at the venue will have the photos of the three persons originally booked into the suite and they are the only ones who will make it past the door. Which is why it behooves the OP to continue escalating having him and his wife both in the suite.
  5. You get one minibar for being in a Full Suite. You get one minibar if one or more persons in the cabin are Elite. Those are considered two separate perks. So yes you will get a total of two. But unfortunately not three if you are both Elite.
  6. That idea is somewhat debatable as to having adequate sleeping accommodations for four. The sofa bed is just barely wide enough for one person, even a child. When I first read your question I was picturing four of you scrunched together on one queen bed like a litter of puppies. 😁 Really the best way to handle this is to swap your wife with one of your kids. Thus parents and one kid in the suite, grandparents and the other kid in the Mini. Something done all the time, a strait swap is perfectly fine. But know that the only persons entitled to most Suite Privileges (such as suite breakfast and priority tendering) will be the original three booked into the suite. Are your in-laws in a Club Class Mini Suite or just a regular? If not you do realize you will not be dining together in the MDR. And was there a reason the initial booking wasn't the two couples each in one cabin and one kid rather than your wife being the odd person split off? Either way it would be best to clear the waitlist for the four person Suite and clear this all up. Forgot to say welcome to Cruise Critic, and to your first Princess cruise. Again here's hoping you get that four person suite in the end.
  7. Did they book adjoining rooms (what Princess terms 'connecting cabins' with the inside door linking them together) or just adjacent rooms (next to each other)? If the former they should not have been separated and very much have grounds for demanding their original cabins back--or to both be reassigned to adjoining cabins of the same or higher category. If the latter, and Princess persists in saying that it is too late to get their original cabin back, well lesson learned--always make sure both bookings are marked "no upgrades" if you do not wish to be moved away from your neighbors.
  8. The Grand Suites on Grand Princess (L301 or L302) are unique in location and configuration relative to the rest of the fleet. They are the only suites on Princess with a fireplace (that is no longer wood burning) and hot tubs on the balcony (that have been there for 21 years and look it). I've not seen any further reports since the last drydock so maybe you will be pleasantly surprised by some refurbishment. Note that when you click on the cabin on the deck plans this info comes up: Special Notes:QUEEN BED ONLY FIREPLACE HOT TUB So an exception to the 'convertible twins' bed formation. It appears that when Grand Princess--the first ship of her size and class for any cruise line--was designed it was felt that for the costliest suite on the ship being steps from the pool deck was preferable to the highly prized aft view. That lasted for just this one ship as the next one built (Golden Princess) has the Grand Suite at the stern (B748). Nearly 50% larger with those wake views--but no fireplace or balcony hot tub. So enjoy the latter on Grand Princess.
  9. There is a very wide range of quality (and quality of location) for hotels in the City of Doral. You could be in an industrial area immediately west of the airport, or noticeably further north or south. Can you give us a few of the hotels you have found park-n-cruise packages at--I've never heard that they are prevalent in that area. And what ages are your granddaughters? Since you will have a car finding family friendly restaurants won't be an issue. But I presume you are looking at a shuttle ride to the port, and then finding your own transportation back to your car when you disembark--return shuttles are rarely included. Can you wrangle all the luggage and a couple small children simultaneously--and are they patient enough for the rides in either a hot and crowded van, or possibly a taxi driven by someone unfamiliar with the destination? Bottom line is that stay-park-fly (or cruise) packages at MIA area hotels are usually offered only because there would otherwise be no other reason to choose that particular property. If the savings over parking at the port is truly great enough to justify the significant extra time and effort involved--you probably don't want to bring the grandkids there.
  10. If you have a history with both Princess and P&O Europe dating back to before their purchase by Carnival Corporation then cruises on either line did count towards both. Holland America will note you as a Star Mariner (their first loyalty level) on your first cruise with them if you have any prior cruises with Princess or any of their corporate siblings. But that will not move you up any level on either HAL or Princess. Beyond that there is no reciprocity of loyalty schemes between each individual line under the Carnival Corporation umbrella. Supposedly this is due to some sort of anti-trust agreement that was foisted upon the parent company to allow it to continue merging with all its former competitors at the start of the millennium. Now how RCCL is able to do so with its brands (RCI, X, Azamara) escapes me completely.
  11. Is the only current way to add someone to your ignore list is by selecting Ignored Users from your profile dropdown menu and then manually adding their name? I seem to recall a shortcut (in the previous version of the boards) via simply clicking on their name on the post/thread that made the decision to ignore for me and then 'ignore' would be an immediate option. It just pains me to have to acknowledge the offending person one last time by typing out their screen name in its entirety. Or even copying and pasting it. Into my profile.
  12. Its all about location. Using inside cabin categories per your example: IA: middle decks midship IB: middle decks mid forward or mid aft IC: lower or upper decks midship, mid forward or mid aft (with public spaces above or below) ID: middle decks aft IE: middle decks forward; lower or upper decks aft (with public spaces above or below) IF: lower or upper decks forward (with public spaces above or below) Pecking order is obvious: midship better than aft while aft better than forward; middle decks better than high or low decks due to noise from public venues. Now whether you agree with Princess' pecking order is quite another discussion.
  13. It appears the OP is not at the old Hollywood Beach Resort but at this mom-and-pop place a few blocks to the north: https://hollywoodbeachsuitehotel.com/ Despite the splashy glam shots that litter their website, this is only a 2-star property with small rooms (and even smaller bathrooms) typical of its era, being originally built in 1953 with an addition in 1968. And they make this inexcusable fatal error in their online description: he Hollywood Beach Suites Hotel is a new concept hotel ready to accommodate those looking for a chic beach hotel. We have an amazing location...on the beach and boardwalk in the heart of Hollywood Beach, Florida just across the street from the Intercoastal Waterway and minutes from Fort Lauderdale Airport and the seaport. Its BROADWALK, not "boardwalk" Any business that ignorant of the focal point of their location doesn't get dime one from me.
  14. MDRs will open at 5:00 or 5:15. Whomever is on board will be seated whether booked for early, late or ATD. Doors will close when rooms are full (around 15-30 min later) Muster Drill will be 7:30 or 7:45. When drill is finished MDRs will reopen, seating all who weren't there earlier again regardless of schedule. They won't call it "open seating/ATD for all" because of the need to close for the drill. But that is how it is done, mainly to accommodate those on pre-cruise tours who don't arrive in time for their early seating. In your case if the train arrives at 5:30 it is extremely unlikely you will be able to check in and board in time for the pre-drill seating. There have been reports in the past of "assigning" early or late for that night only when you check in. Didn't happen when I embarked Golden in Whittier last year. I believe they only do so on the smaller ships with fewer than three MDRs. ...and if you were just asking about "eating" in general rather than specifically dinner in the MDR: there is always the buffet, outdoor grill or international cafe. All of which will shut down just before the start of muster and reopen after.
  15. In 2019 and 2020 cruisetours in Japan are running in the summer and early fall. Not in the beginning part of the year. So no recent history of Princess having tours to accompany Japan cruises for the dates you seem to be looking for. The Summer/Fall 2021 bookings should open in November or December of this year.
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