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  1. To clarify, not sure of the exact name. But asking about the "formal" night dinners. I thought it was called Captains Dinner? The night most or some dress up, all the photographers are out with the back grounds for pictures.... Thanks for all your replies
  2. Hello, Trying to figure out when the Captain's dinner would take place? 8 day cruise, 3 sea days. 1 sea day is 4 day of the cruise 2 seas day the last 2 days of the cruise. I'm thinking it would be that 1st sea day? Does any one know or have the last week's Magic Fun times. Cruise date is 5/25 Thanks
  3. Kicking and screaming like a 2 year old " I don't want to" We had the day before flights and instead of keeping that, I allowed my friend to convince me to arrive day of. She wanted to avoid taking an extra day off work and paying for overnight hotel stay. Now we may be paying $220 each AND paying for an Hotel room AND taking that extra day off work!!!!
  4. Sweating bullets already. I let my traveling buddy convince me to change our day before flight to day of 6:05am- arrive 9:50am. Well now with all the issues with the MAX 8 that we are listed on for our May 25 cruise....I'm pretty concerned about what if's..... This change from day before to day of was made back in January....NOW when I called to change back of course the price is $220 total for 2. Southwest airline. Now it's totally up in the air (pun intended) on if we will pay the money and switch back or wait and see if they move us IF the issues are not resolved with the MAX8 planes. AND of course my traveling buddy is saying she does not want to fly on the MAX 8's even if FAA declared them safe. Maybe she is ready for a road trip..... Any one else out there making proactive changes now?
  5. His freshman college year ends middle of May and so does his close friend who will also be on the cruise with us. So I'm kinda hoping there will be others whose College summer break has started. The HS he use to attend would also be done by that date....but HS graduations will be taking place...so probably not many HS students. Is this something Carnival would tell us, if we ask?
  6. My son wants to know how many passengers will be between ages 18-22. With this being a May cruise and not middle of summer, he is worried it will not be many in his age group to meet and or hang out with? Is there a way we could find out? Thanks
  7. So if you have carnival stock you receive OBC? How/where do I find out more details? Thanks
  8. Ok, thanks just wanted to confirmation. I actually got 2 different answers when I called carnival rep. So I wanted to come here to ask ...
  9. Ok I know that website,,,let me see if I can find the roll call there
  10. We plan to book it and will book 1st day on ship. THANKS
  11. No I'm not in the roll call. Not sure what this "other places is"
  12. Good morning. I have paid the majority of my cruise with gift cards and planning to pay balance with gift card. If I have to cancel before the final payment date, do they refund the money in carnival gift cards? I plan to purchase cancel for any reason insurance before final payment (Alliance travel ins), if I then have to cancel after final payment the travel insurance would cover % of my cruise refund and I don't think that would be in carnival gift cards...but I will check that. I have NO plans on needing to cancel...but life happens so I want to know what if my refund would be in gift cards from carnival if cancel before final payment....if needed, since this is the 1st time I'm using gift cards to cover my entire cruise...including cheers package. Hope my question is clear enough. Thanks
  13. Thank you for the information. Does anyone know the cost? It will be 4 of us wanting to take this tour.
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