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  1. sawtooth


    Yes, I will be sure to share. I am ready to give back...I learned so much from others on this site.
  2. sawtooth


    Wow! Enjoyed your review. Really gets my juices going for our January trip starting in Jordon and then onto Egypt for 2/2/19 start. Can't wait.
  3. sawtooth


    Great to hear you had a wonderful trip in the hands of Uniworld. Our trip is approaching. 1/29 in Jordon, starting in Cairo 2/2/19. Uniworld, here we come.
  4. So happy to travel along with you again! Must be nice to get a dose of sun and sand before hitting the holidays. Enjoy!
  5. I am enjoying your blog and look forward tot he rest.
  6. sawtooth

    Viking wines

    Following. This topic is of interest to me as well. We are considering the SS package for our ocean cruise.
  7. sawtooth


    diet, as you cruised in January and February an you share what your average weather was like. We will be doing Petra pre cruise tour starting 1/29/19 and then starting in Cairo 2/2/19. Was planning on mostly warm weather clothes but now not so sure. Thanks
  8. sawtooth

    Season 9 of Yellow Fish Cruises blog has begun

    Hope you enjoy SE ASIA, we sure did. it will be a busy time for you. Looking forward to your Dubai report as we are headed there in January on the way to cruise the Nile.
  9. sawtooth

    Viking vs Uniworld Nile Cruises

    We have cruised Uniworld before and enjoy the line, the cabins, the amenities. Now in Egypt they do include drinks and gratuities. I’m sure both lines are great but we chose Uniworld for our February 2019 cruise with pre trip to Jordon. Sure you will like either line as both are primo.
  10. sawtooth

    Pre-Cruise in Venice Question

    We booked the Hilton on our own for our trip in June 2019. We got 4 nights for less than $1600. We will pay for our own water taxi to the ship. We don't have any transfers from Viking since we are traveling independently for some time before the cruise.
  11. sawtooth

    Our Viking Orion experience

    Wow. That's lousy experience. In shopping for clothes, were you offered any stipend or reimbursement for either Viking or the airline? Hope you will get some satisfaction.
  12. sawtooth

    Yellow fish Cruise Blog

    Always love to follow along. I'm sensing that you are cruising in SE Asia this year. We did that 2 years ago, followed by Japan (and then on land). Also left the ship for a couple of days to go to Angkor Wat. What a trip. If this is your plan you will love it...but you always do.
  13. sawtooth

    # days to your next Princess cruise

    Great news! Can't wait for you to begin your journey.
  14. Okay, I stand corrected. My friends are on the LA to Shanghai portion so boarding tomorrow.
  15. Looking forward to following along. We know some folks that are joining in Shanghai for the second half. Enjoy!