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  1. cathi007


    NIce! Mine are included also, as I am sailing in a big group of family and friends, so we get the UBP and free grats :). With that being said, I still bring 100.00 in singles to hand to my bar staff and others that go above and beyond 🙂
  2. cathi007

    Travel Insurance Question

    I third insuremytrip
  3. Do yourself a favor and go to insuremytrip.com and compare prices. I did that, because someone on CC told me to. I purchased the Nationwide Luxury Cruise Plan for all 6 traveling in my party. For CT residents it offers itinerary change, so if the ships itinerary changes before sailing, each person gets 1250.00, as long as they have all the documents to prove that the cruise line changed the itinerary BEFORE sailing and they went on the cruise (final bill). Well low and behold about 6 weeks ago our itinerary changed. Now when I get off the ship, I will fill out a claim form and after abut 2 weeks I will get 6 checks for 1250.00 each. I am so glad I looked at this site. It also has much better evac coverage than the NCL plan, which doesn't cover enough. For me it was a win win. I paid 550..00/6 compared to NCL's 850.00, so it was a much better deal and much cheaper. There is also a thread about this, which is where I learned about the insurance I purchased, good luck. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/499-cruisetravel-insurance/
  4. cathi007

    Breakaway's Balcony Dividers?

    Good to know, I have connecting mini suites with my daughter, her hubby, and my 2 grand babies, I would love to be able to open the divider between our balconies. It can't hurt to ask :).
  5. cathi007

    Breakaway's Balcony Dividers?

    And why? I can't even read it....with my glasses on
  6. Thank you for my fix, lol 🙂
  7. cathi007

    Not the cruise line you want to cruise with

    How is it a bad financial decision to buy insurance??? Do you have car insurance? Health insurance? Homeowners insurance??? MY daughter has cancer, we are not sure if we will be able to make our cruise, a 550.00 investment to get our 12,000.00 back if we can't make the cruise is a very smart decision. If the OP had purchased the insurance we would not be posting on this thread. I think you might be the foolish one! Yes, if I make my cruise I will get a nice benefit from my insurance 🙂 That, my friend is a SMART investment. I am done arguing with the ignorant people on here. If you want to take a chance and don't buy insurance that is your prerogative. But, if you are worried about things that come up and you can't afford to lose the cost of your trip, spend the extra money and buy the insurance, if you don't, don't come here and complain!!!
  8. cathi007

    Not the cruise line you want to cruise with

    I didn't say they can't, but they shouldn't!!! I purchased insurance and so do a lot of others, and that is why. THAT IS WHAT INSURANCE IS FOR!!! STOP BEING SO IGNORANT.
  9. cathi007

    Not the cruise line you want to cruise with

    OMG it's like banning your head against the wall!!!! It has nothing to do with compassion!!! The cruise line cannot give every person with a tragic story back their money!!!!! That's why people buy insurance!!!!!! If other companies made exceptions he should be thankful for that, but it doesn't mean other companies should, that's what INSURANCE is for.
  10. ohhhh I saw you posted and I thought it was more of your review....:(
  11. cathi007

    Convince me to giving NCL a try

    Personally I don't go by cruise line, I go by itinerary. I mostly cruise NCL now, as I live in CT and they sail out of NY. This makes it very easy for me. I have cruised CCL, RC, and Celebrity. I did not like RC at all. I was on the Brilliance of the Seas when it first came out. I liked the ship, but not the crew, at all. The entertainment was lacking and the food wasn't so great. I though the dealers in the casino were down right rude. I never went back. I'm not saying I won't ever, but NCL is just my go to for now. Celebrity was amazing and the food to die for, but there wasn't as much "fun" as some of the other ships. Carnival is the fun ship. I had a blast on Carnival both times I sailed. The food on CCL, ehhh. So for me NCL is the best. They have great food, entertainment, the UBP, and they are close by. You should give them a try. Freestyle is awesome :). But any line you chose, I am sure you will be happy. Enjoy
  12. cathi007

    Not the cruise line you want to cruise with

    Yes, it is sad that his wife has cancer. My 27 year old daughter, who is pregnant, was just diagnosed with breast cancer. That is not the point. The point is there are a lot of really sad stories out there. There are many people who have to cancel their cruise on short notice because of sad stories, but what is the cruise line supposed to do? How do they pick and chose who to refund to and who not to? Isn't this the reason why people buy travel insurance, in case something like this happens. I paid 550.00 for my travel insurance, in case my daughter's illness makes it so we can't go on our cruise. I know that should something bad happen, we will be covered, because I got the insurance. Why should anyone, who did not purchase the insurance, get a refund. Would that be fair to me, or all the others who shelled out extra money for the insurance. NCL, or any other cruise line should not refund them their money. They would not be able to stay in business if they gave every one with a sad story back their money. In the end it is a business. If people want to chance it and not purchase the insurance that is up to them. But, they take a chance on losing their money. They had the choice, just like I did. I pray for his wife, but I am sure he learned a hard lesson.....buy the insurance
  13. cathi007

    Not the cruise line you want to cruise with

    Some people will never learn. Insurance that is the answer. plain and simple. I would never travel without it, things come up and you can't know what is going to happen. It's a small investment. I paid 550.00 for a 12,000.00 cruise....Well worth it to me. Also I got the Nationwide Luxury plan and wouldn't you know it, they changed the itinerary. Now there are 6 of us on the plan, so after I prove we were on the cruise and send all the proof for the change I will get 6 checks for 1250.00/each :). So in my case insurance really paid off, and I haven't even left port yet 🙂 🙂 . I know not all states are eligible for that plan, but I live in CT, so I am. Here's to Nationwide insurance 🍷
  14. cathi007

    NCL Cruise Service Charge Refund

    Personally I miss the old days, when we gave envelopes with cash to each of the people who made our cruise special. I do still tip in cash when I get good service and I always bring 100 1.00$ bills for my bartenders. I also do that on land vacations. I have never asked for my DSC back, but I have never had reason to yet. I hope I never will. I also make sure to fill out hero cards, for the people that go above and beyond. The last cruise I was on our cabin steward was not that great, so I just didn't tip him anything extra....You have to earn that 🙂
  15. OK where is the pick of John Snow and I am assuming Khaleesi??? I am G.O.T. obsessed, lol