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  1. Thank you for all the comments and recommendations. For clarification, (I guess I didn't think about writing that info when I first wrote my post), I am a US Citizen living in the US. When I had entered my passport info and the expiration date of the passport during check-in, the website "highly recommended" that my passport expire more than 6 months from the travel date. After reviewing Celebrity's documentation requirements and options, I'm going to use my US Naturalization certificate and state driver's license. I'm so use to using my passport for traveling I didn't know I could use other forms of ID for a closed loop cruise.
  2. @bjahil47 @Jim_Iain I'm traveling round trip from Fort Lauderdale, US. Going to Cozumel, Nassau and Caymen Islands. It is close loop, but I guess I should renew ASAP just in case. Thank you!!
  3. Hello Not sure if this is the correct board to ask. I'm working on my online check-in and realized that my passport expires within 6 months after my cruise. I am cruising at the end of December 2023 and my passport expires end of April 2024. Will Celebrity or the port agent deny me boarding if my passport is not more than 6 months after my cruise? I'm currently looking into renewing my passport now that I realized that it expires next year. Has anyone been denied boarding with a passport that is close to expiration?
  4. Can someone confirm what the difference is between Premium Coffee vs Specialty coffee on the Zero Proof Drink Package? I have found 2 references of either premium or specialty coffee as being included on the Zero Proof Drink Package but I'm not sure if they are the same or mean something else. TIA
  5. Thinking about cruising on the Reflection. I'm just wondering if anyone knows what the price is for 1 Wifi device and the price of the drink packages. I'm trying to figure out if the All in Package is better or adding a la carte items that I want. I will be traveling with DH and 2 young teens. I think the teens can don't need the Wifi or the drink package. But DH may need to check works emails and a beer once in a while. TIA
  6. Just curious, are all Celebrity ships sailing at full capacity now? Wondering if how full the ships are currently.
  7. Yes they no longer want the bells and whistles. They want a ship that has great food and lots of choices of places to eat. Itinerary is second in their opinion. I will look at the ships you suggested. I have not been on those cruise lines. Thank you!
  8. I'm planning a cruise for my family. My kids are teens 17 and 15 so they no longer want to waterslides or the rope course. Why cruise line would you suggest to sail on? We have done Disney, NCL, MSC and Princess. We do not like the mega ships (5000+ passengers). But we are a foodie kind of family. We love good food and lots of varieties.
  9. Does anyone know what the WiFi package price is if you buy a la carte? The all included package doesn't make sense to me when I have 2 kids in my cabin. I just need it for DH to be able to check his work email. Not for my kids to be on their phones when we are on vacation.
  10. @DaKahuna Thank you for sharing these pictures. It does look crammed for 4 people. I wonder though does the sofa bed have a storage drawer or maybe a trundle bed?
  11. @cruisestitch it would be a family of 4. 2 adults and 2 teens. From the responses, looks like it would be a very tight fit. I tried looking for pictures of the cabin of how the turndown service would be like but couldn't find any.
  12. Hello This is my first time looking to book with Celebrity. Does anyone know if the Concierge class staterooms on Reflections will fit 4 passengers? I see on the cabin maps that most of the Concierge class staterooms have a single sofa bed. Are these staterooms able to fit 4 people or just 3 people? Are there any Concierge staterooms that fit 4?
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