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  1. Glendale, it sounds as if you have got a good deal! It seems that Oceania are offering several cruises with their O Life Ultimate perks for next year, but I haven’t seen any for ex -UK cruises yet. Today I received notification of a couple of Mediterranean cruises which work out at about £320 per day with O Life Ultimate. You are quite right that comparisons are difficult as there are a limited number of Azamara and Oceania cruises departing from UK ports. As we are still happy to fly to the Med., but no further, I will go on looking at Azamara and Oceania in case a good deal comes up, but would be very happy if Saga have some fly cruises in the future, as I think the Spirit of Discovery is a lovely ship.
  2. No, you are quite right, I forgot about insurance and door to door travel, though perhaps that would be included with azamara if booked through Saga? I suppose the American lines are looking much more expensive now, with the current dollar to pound exchange rate.
  3. Glendale suggested that someone should compare the costs of similar cruises of the 3 lines. I thought I would have a go. It was difficult to find anything very similar, so I looked at cruises between May and September next year, all of which depart and return to either Southampton or Dover and were between 10 and 17 nights duration. Looking at the cheapest available balcony cabins on Azamara and Oceania and adding the cost of gratuities and all inclusive drinks to Oceania, the figures per day worked out as follows: Azamara between £309 and £350 per day. Oceania between £393 and £448 per day. Saga between £259 and £294 per day, priced as available now. I hope I have worked it out correctly!
  4. I do strongly agree with you about the suitability of some of the chairs on board the Spirit of Discovery. I do wonder how they are chosen. It seems extraordinarily to fit out a new ship with chairs that are not very comfortable, particularly bearing in mind the age of some of the passengers. I hope that the chairs on the new ship will be better.
  5. Nor did I, I am glad to say!
  6. Kentchris, thank you very much for taking the time to write all this. I did enjoy following along with your cruise, and it brought back happy memories of our fourteen night cruise in August. I suppose the question now is ....will you be booking another trip on the Spirit of Discovery?
  7. Maybe sirloin steak was not shown on this particular menu because there was fillet steak available.
  8. I am quite fussy about yoghurt, but had no complaints about the one on the buffet in either the GDR or the Grill.
  9. I was given a glass of port two or three times in the MDR when I had cheese. The Russian buffet looks marvellous.
  10. Although I would agree that the R ships are older and have small bathrooms, Oceania Marina and Riviera are not that old, and are roughly a similar size, which is why they are a fair comparison to the Saga ship. I thought the SoD is a beautiful ship. I understand the worry that Saga offer a more limited menu, although there was only one evening during our fourteen night cruise when I couldn’t find something that I thought was delicious.
  11. There has been some discussion on another thread on this board about the description of luxury cruising. I was reading this article https://www.cruisecritic.co.uk/articles.cfm?ID=2816 and it defines Azamara and Oceania as “upper premium/luxury lite”. I personally feel that the new Saga ship fits perfectly into this category and wonder what other people think. Having now cruised on the ships from all three, I think that the Spirit of Discovery compares well on several points, particularly the comfort of the lowest grade of cabin.
  12. On the occasions that we had breakfast in the MDR we were always able to have a table for two.
  13. Here are some MDR menus from our cruise to Spain in August. First is for a formal night, then a normal evening, finally a lunch menu.
  14. Yes, I would agree that the food on Oceania is my favourite, so far. Unfortunately, unless the dollar exchange rate improves it seems that both Oceania and Azamara, our previous favourite lines, are becoming too expensive for us. As that is the case, we are delighted to have found that we liked the SoD very much, too, though I hope that one of the Saga ships will do fly cruises in the future, leaving the other one for those who don't want to fly. Lovely to have another option, and one which we enjoyed very much. Thank you again, Cinnamon.
  15. Thank you very much for taking the trouble to write such an interesting and informative blog. We were on board less than a month ago and it was lovely to read about the ship from someone else’s point of view. I suppose my question is.... will you be booking with Saga again (we will, all being well) or returning to Azamara?
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