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  1. I suspect you are right. I know a group of people, who all booked suites on Brilliant Lady 4/20/2024 sailing. Everyone of them booked a "cheeky corner suites" for about $1200 person, or $2400 per suite. All of the suites have been sold out since last Sept. 2022.
  2. The promos they had have ended. I suspect there will be a new promo.
  3. Sorry! This thread is about the disappearance of Brilliant Lady sailings after April 20th, 2024.
  4. The ship sails at 10PM on April 20th, 2024, from San Juan, PR. Taken from my confirmation email from VV.
  5. For the April 20th, 2024 TransAtlantic sailing?
  6. "We've seen this 40% gap to land-based vacation [this year]. It used to be about 20%," Royal Caribbean Group CEO Jason Liberty lamented Thursday in a conference call with Wall Street analysts. "We're not happy about that gap." "Liberty's estimate of a 40% differential in pricing isn't hyperbole. Several Wall Street analysts that track pricing at travel brands in recent months have pegged the current difference between the cost of land and cruise vacations, when comparing like-for-like products, at around 30% to 50% — higher than they have ever seen." This was taken from a few different sources. With the exception of Disney Cruise Line, none of the other cruise lines have been able to succeed in pushing prices up. Until occupancies on sailings approach 80% of capacity on all sailings, there will be heavy discounting.
  7. Very true, but the Med cruise on May 1st was almost double TATL. I will not spend over $4k for a 7 night cruise in a Sea Terrace XL. As I posted before, Virgin Voyages has pricing that is constantly changing. It appears VV throws whatever out there and see if it sticks.
  8. People are concerned about alternative plans. My suspicion is this: since not one Brilliant Lady cruise is in the final payment period, compensation is going to be less than what was offered with the Resilient Lady. I sold travel for 30 years. I closed my own cruise only travel agency in 2002. From my experience, this total black out on any info on this ship is giving me bad vibes. From my contacts, Virgin Voyages is still a hard sell. Many sailings are not selling out despite what people state here. VV targeted millennials as their main demographic. The uptake in that group hasn't happened. What has happened is word of mouth referrals. Using that as a soul motivator for gaining market share is a poor strategy. And, VV has not helped themselves to penetrate the market. Examples of this are the pitiful website and the constant, rapidly changing pricing. Besides the competition is fierce in the cruise industry. Most people commenting here, have already taken a Virgin Voyage. Imagine yourself as previous cruiser on Celebrity, why would you switch?
  9. Brilliant Lady had Med cruises with prices on-line prior to April 10th, this year. I know because I was checking them. I am booked on the TATL from San Juan. We were thinking of doing a back to back with TATL. But the pricing of the May 1, 2024 was so high, we wrote it off. It was priced more than TATL, so that was an easy decision. The itineraries were very similar to the Resilient Lady. But they were posted.
  10. Very similar to the Resilient Lady this coming summer. Which may be the issue, too many ships in the Med.
  11. If you read my original post #7, I mention airfare being multiples higher than Miami. VV is still having issues breaking thru into the mainstream. VV original concept was for millennials who have not chosen to cruise in the past. That demographic is not sufficient to fill 4 ships. Which is an issue going forward for VV. Not allowing under 18, eliminates the family market (many millennials have children). The marketing doesn't help with those over 55. The mermaiden sailings are holidays sailings at generous prices! That should be a big motivator for bookings. Yet both Dec 24 and Dec 29 sailings are not sold out. For any other cruise line that Dec 29th sailing would not sell well as it runs over into the school week. But that should not matter to VV! Do you see the points I am trying to make?
  12. Time to use miles and points. Barcelona is an excellent city to visit. You could easily fly to Lisbon on a low cost carrier. Personally, I would rather fly to Europe and do a Med cruise. I was only booked on this TATL because other friends were on this sailing.
  13. From the "mermaiden" voyage to April 20, is 16 cruises. Much less than the 6+ months of cruises that were in play with Resilient Lady, some of those were fully paid. What really is strange, is the mermaiden voyage is still available in almost all classes of cabins. I have checked every sailing between Dec 24, 2023 and April 20, 2024, but none appear to be sold out. My point is this indicates there will be change. After a week, this isn't an IT issue or some other inventory issue. The most likely possibilities are the ship will be delayed or stay in the Caribbean. I always felt that my sailing had a 50/50 chance of actually sailing. I sold travel for 30 years, including owning my own cruise-only agency. VV does not follow industry practices in any way. But maiden voyages not being sold out, this is a bad sign, for passengers and for the cruise line. With all the other cruise lines, maiden voyages are highly prestigious and usually sell out within days of being offered. New ships being delayed, changing itineraries are all normal. But not informing anyone about it, is just bad customer service.
  14. I would wait and see, before purchasing any flights. Inventories for flights for around April 20, 2024, will not be loaded until May 21, 2023. Besides there could be promo airfares between now and Jan. 1, 2024. In this case, waiting is your best course of action.
  15. Not true at all! The beginning of last week all the cruises for Brilliant Lady were in inventory for Europe all next summer. I know because I was looking at them! We are on the TransAtlantic cruise. I was searching for airfares for myself, for a friend who is interested in joining us, and possibly extending our cruise. On April 12th, the TransAtlantic sailing disappeared from inventory and then on Fri. April 14th all the Brilliant Lady Europe cruises disappeared. Since VV postponed the maiden voyage of the Resilient Lady, this has all the appearances of the same thing happening to the Brilliant Lady. That is my primary guess. My second guess is the European sailings are not selling well enough. VV doing this now makes all the sense in the world. Not one of Brilliant Lady sailings is in final payment. Final payment for the Mermaiden voyage is August, 2023. The financial costs to VV are dramatically smaller than they were when VV postponed the Resilient Lady. Possibly VV has observed their Caribbean sailings to be outperforming their Med sailings. There are many reasons for that to be the case, as airfares to Europe are multiples higher than to Miami. If that is true, why move a ship to Europe? What I don't like is how deceitful this is. I called VV reservations. The agent told me "if a sailing isn't showing it is sold out". I then asked about the Brilliant Lady summer sailings, and she stated she could not comment. I am prepared for my cruise, the TransAtlantic to be cancelled. I always gave my cruise a 50/50 chance of actually sailing. But in the true VV form of "breaking the mold", tongue in cheek, they are ever changing.
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