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  1. yes pen and paper versus email? I did not know which would get read versus thrown in the trash can for paper or the trash for emails.
  2. If one wanted to get a review and complaint letter to Royal C, would you send it to customer service or someone else higher up in the company? Let me know if you have sent a letter and did they respond to it. Thanks
  3. Yes it is combinable with all sale and advertised prices. I checked
  4. Just back from Jewel of the Seas, November 11-23. I can’t begin to do such an awesome review as the last few posters have done regarding this ship. I enjoyed their reviews and pictures. I have not been on a Royal Caribbean ship for 5 years so when I found this great itinerary for the Holy land and the Mediterranean, I booked 2 cabins one for Mother and son and one for my husband and myself to celebrate our 40th Anniversary. I am a 4-star Mariner on Holland and Elite on Princess so I was anxious to see how I would like the Jewel of the Seas. THE GOOD AND THE BAD
  5. Thank you for replying.. We have a early flight and will need to be off as soon as we can.
  6. So enjoyed your review. Can you tell me what time the first group could disembark the ship.?
  7. We have booked 2 guarantee cabins, both balcony. What are the chances that we will at least have cabins on the same deck? Our TA said she would link our reservations together -will that help. I understand wee are at their discretion Just wondering how this works Thanks
  8. For those that booked 2 or more guarantee cabins do you usually get the cabins assigned on the same deck? We have had our travel agent link the reservations. I realize R.C I gets to choose your cabins but wanted too hear others experiences. Thanks
  9. We live over the I-10 Bridge in Daphne near Mobile, AL they are out by the thousands Yuck
  10. We will be on Jewel om November 11...Sailing. I too would be interested in disembarkation times? Thanks
  11. Thanks. I will check out times in ports if they match up with school test schedule. We will be 8hrs ahead
  12. I will be going on a Mediterranean cruise in November on the Jewel of the Seas.. I will sign up for the internet package with streaming. Since I have to take a test online for one of my classes would I do better to use my surface pro tablet to take the test or should I go to the computer room- Are those computers wired in for a better signal or will my wireless signal but just as good. I am very worried about getting disconnected but there is little I can do but try to minimize the risk. Thank you for your help
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