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  1. On Zuiderdam right now and the Captain just announced we will seek shelter from Dorian and skip Sydney and St Pierre and Miquelon. If weather permits we might add a short visit to Gaspé and resume the cruise as planned from Corner Brook going forward. Fingers crossed!
  2. This was from our Symphony sailing over last Memorial Day weekend. Talk about sticker shock! 🤑
  3. That was the lot, in order of day and then by page. Let me know if you need anything else. 😀
  4. All right I might as well just take pictures of everything while I am at it. Lol Day 1:
  5. I have them. Would you like the daily activities pages only or anything else? I don’t have a color scanner but I can take pictures with my phone and upload them here.
  6. On my recent 7 day cruise I had the 250min free internet perk and I upgraded to unlimited internet (surf only option, no streaming) on the morning of the second day (I was waiting in line the minute internet manager was on duty lol) and the upgrade cost less than $50. At least in my experience the internet was surprisingly useable, meeting my need with little issue. In your case I would suggest use your free 60 min on day 1 and then upgrade from your 250 min on day 2 for the prorated price of 6 days.
  7. Solid color T-shirt dress - 2 Short sleeve top - 2 Long sleeve top - 1 Convertible cargo pants - 1 pair Skorts - 1 pair Walking shoes - 1 pair Flip flops - 1 pair Swimwear - 1 Coverup - 1 Underwear That list includes embarking and disembarking wear.
  8. The app when used with intranet (not internet) is free. However my suggestion is if you are not familiar with the process just go to the Internet cafe and ask them to set you up. I found the instruction not as useful as it could be. Not every screen is shown, causing confusion. Sometimes the functionality has a huge time lag, making you wonder what is going on. One crucial screen only appears once on initial set up and if you miss touch one thing it’s gone. The app is updated so very frequently even the on board internet manager can’t always keep up. He made a mistake trying to set my phone up and had to reset everything himself, something a passenger would not be able to do.
  9. Reminds me of our ill fated Thanksgiving Jade cruise last year, also due to mechanical issues. Hopefully NCL will do the right thing and give generous compensation. Edited to add: I just read the post with the proposed compensation and I think $300pp for flight change is kind of low for those traveling from North America. Ours was $650pp flight and hotel and still was not enough to cover for those who came a long way.
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