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  1. thanks! Yes, I think this seems to be in correct range of what many others are saying (about the ordering). and in the middle category (HAL, Princess, Celebrity), you'd put Princess above Celebrity? That seems to be about 50/50....1/2 like Celebrity better... I don't know anything about MSC, I'll have to check them out; thanks! : )
  2. and by '21-22 season'; does that mean, I assume you mean about october to february 21-22? thanks
  3. oh! so those numbers people put after the cruise line are days at sea?
  4. thanks; I did just check it out; very informative! and I added a couple of things to my travel list : )
  5. oh! I guess I read it too fast; and you'd take Jan over Dec because it's a better time to go weather wise? or because of all the covid stuff? thanks
  6. wow; I thought when 2 other trips were cancelled outside the U.S. I'd have a better chance at the U.S.! I guess not. and you're saying July 2021!! that's a long ways away! thanks
  7. wow! you've been on 50 Princess cruises; was that a typo!!? So what do you think of RCL? thanks
  8. thanks; yeah; I'm flexible in terms of whether it's a large or small ship; whether there's kids around or not; entertainment, etc. no matter either to me. But I do like a nice ship and good food; : )
  9. oh dear; I'm so disappointed; I really thought the January might be ok; but I guess it's not looking good; thanks
  10. Hi! thanks for the additional info on the Eclipse; I've finally today just learned how to do the quote thing; I hope it comes through ok. Oh, so you got postponed from October! We had to cancel a trip from March to Israel and figured we'd settle on Australia in November (and canceled that) and were hoping for Dec/Jan; but it looks like that's probably too optimistic. what's cellar masters and craft social? I'm not sure what you're referring to? I also just realized that most of the people in this thread are from Australia or New Zealand! That's helpful so it sounds like several of you from Australia/New Zealand thinks it's overly optimistic for Dec/Jan as well. thanks
  11. Hi, what do people think are the chances of a being able to do a cruise to Hawaii (for a U.S. resident) in December or January? thanks
  12. Hi all, thanks for all the replies!! Very helpful! I have some comments and questions: chiliburn: you asked about kids, big/small ship; dress up, etc. I should have been clearer in my original question; I meant all things being equal, and ONLY considering those 2 things (so whether it has stuff for kids or not, I don't care, etc.). Just considering food and nice well kept ship. thanks! blackduck59: thanks!! so you've been on the Eclipse! and you're doing the Jan 26 cruise! that's one of the ones we're thinking of! BUT I just learned that that ship hasn't been refurbished in about 10 years? and it's going into full complete dry dock refurbishment in March; it was originally scheduled for this November. So I'm wondering if the ship is a little run down? when were you on the Eclipse? is it really nice? miccanberra: I agree; I did one other celebrity cruise (but it was celebrity constellation not the solstice or eclipse I'm thinking of). But we were very disappointed in the food. But as people have said every ship is different! I'm definitely willing to give Celebrity another try! fletch1: thanks; turns out the Viking one was a little too long; oh well. we would have liked that. pully8: which celebrity ship did you go on that you liked the food? the Big M: you nailed my question! (all else equal or irrelevant); thanks....so you'd put Cunard over Celebrity; thanks phoenixx: I'm so curious now! because we are torn with booking this Dec or Jan 21! and you mentioned no cruises 'down here' this year. Are you from there? So is that the word on the ground?! And so do you think there's only a 10% chance any large cruise ship will make to Australia or NZ in December? thanks. I was hoping they'd all be up and running for their busy Christmas season; what do others think? pushka: thanks; yes, um....as you say...mature; for sure we are! so we'd fit right in. ha ha; And why is Viking sooo much more expensive than the others? I wish Viking weren't so long, that would have been the choice. thanks!!
  13. We're thinking of an Australian/New Zealand cruise for Dec/Jan and we're torn whether to go with: Viking; Princess; Cunard or RCL keep in mind the things we care about the most: good food clean well kept ship what do people think? I didn't like Celebrity (for Greece anyway); food was terrible; among other things. thanks!
  14. great feedback! I'm torn; for Dec/Jan: We're thinking of an Australia/New Zealand cruise whether to go with: Viking; Princess; Cunard, RCL keep in mind the things we care about the most: good food clean well kept ship what do people think? thanks!
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