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  1. Yes I see my flight info (flight number and times), but not a reservation number. I may just call Delta and see if they can help thank you anyway.
  2. Thank you for all the input. I am seriously considering canceling Cagneys and going with Teppanyaki and La Cucina. We go to Teppanyaki style restaurants occasionally but have heard the one on board is better.
  3. I’ve booked Cagneys and Le Bistro, I am very excited about those two! Now I cannot decide between La Cucina and Teppanyaki. 🤷‍♀️
  4. When booking my own flights I will get a notification to check in from the airline (usually 24 hours before). Will I get the same notification to check in for my flights from NCL? I have never had a cruise line book my airfare before and I can’t even locate the flight reservation number on my confirmation.
  5. Thank you for all the great ideas, especially about checking our bags. These tips are most helpful.
  6. I love these tour ideas, thank you! We've been to NYC several times so we are not trying to "see everything." Just wanted to make the most of our day there. We have never been to Coney Island, so I am leaning to the Brooklyn Pizza Tour. It sounds awesome as I loved SNF!
  7. Hi there, our ship arrives in manhattan at 7:15am and our flight from LGA is at 9:15pm. Any recommendations for a good tour of the city, preferably not just riding a bus around all day? We will have our suitcases in tow.
  8. I looked those up and all sound so good! And, exactly what I'm looking for. I may have to experiment and mix up a French 75 at home tonight!
  9. I had no idea about the app and booking and utilizing it waiting to board, thank you so much. I will also go to a kiosk first think for comedy shows. I really appreciate this tip!
  10. Excellent advice! Yes, I think this is what we will do and maybe take them to one specialty and pay a la carte.
  11. I was thinking that we would have enough to share other than the main course, so this helps confirm that, thank you! My boys love steak too!
  12. All of the tips are very appreciated!! We will be taking your advice and have a drink and maybe an appetizer earlier in the evening in the MDR or buffet while boys eat, then take to camp, then enjoy the specialty dining. We will take them to one of our specialty restaurants, probably Cagney's since they love steak. Thank you again!! I'm so excited and so happy I booked this cruise.
  13. My 9 year old boys must be growing through a growing spurt, they eat more than me! I love to "waste" my money on food/new exeriences for my boys, but thanks for your 2 cents worth. Happy cruising!
  14. Thank you, especially the tip about the kids club filling up. : ) Happy cruising.
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