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  1. jr8934

    Move Up bid email - EDGE

    I called Celebrity and then I called the Captain's Club. Both told me that if I didn't receive an email offer from Celebrity then I wasn't chosen for this promotion. We sail next Sunday and I was hoping I could bid on an upgrade. There is a separate dept. that handles this and neither rep I talked to could help me. I was disappointed because I saw many available empty cabins when I checked. Oh, well!
  2. jr8934

    Two-tops in MDRs on Edge

    Good luck with that request. We asked for a table for two and were told none available. Put at a 4 top with a snobbish couple. Every night!!! We tried to make polite conversation but dinner felt like an ordeal. I'm hoping we'll have better luck on Edge in 9 days. Joyce
  3. jr8934

    To "Concierge" or not to "Concierge?"

    I'm having a similar but different problem. I wanted to move up to Aqua class. Willing to pay. When I go online they say there are Aqua class cabins available. But when I try to move up they say nothing is available. Guess I'll call my TA tomorrow and ask her to inquire.
  4. Thank you all for the replies. Yes, I will call the hotel directly. Joyce
  5. I accidentally came upon this thread I am now quite scared. I reserved through Valuetrips.com for Dec.22nd. Is there a way I can find out if I do, indeed, have a room? Leaving the next day for a cruise. Now I don't know what to do. Help, please! Joyce
  6. I went in to my profile and the birthday is very wrong. I tried to edit it but it won't change. What should I do?
  7. jr8934

    Photos Required?

    As I read what others have written I'm confused. They said they needed to upload a photo but I can't find that request on my reservation. Could someone explain it to me? Joyce
  8. jr8934

    Help needed choosing a ship

    Another vote for Coral.. We board her July 18th!
  9. I have enjoyed reading along. In 2013 we took off the beaten track and found it expensive to buy meals and excursions like the Music of Denali dinner theater. So on July 18th we leave for a 13 day Connoisseur tour that starts in Fairbanks. I hope we are lucky enough to get Michael, He sounds amazing. Please let us know how the cruise went! Joyce
  10. jr8934

    Fairbanks...must do things!

    gbits: If I were to call Paul would I have to tip him? We are leaving for Fairbanks 7/18. Thanks! Joyce
  11. jr8934

    Current Price list for drinks

    Thanks for posting the bar menu. We leave for Alaska in two weeks and now I'm craving a Molten Glacier!
  12. jr8934

    Good choice? Or bad?

    Thank you everyone for the advice. Looking forward to this cruise.
  13. jr8934

    Good choice? Or bad?

    We are sailing on the Coral July 25th. Our cabin is A518 on the Aloha deck. Saw that it is under the Lotus spa pool. How much noise will there be? Also, evening or early morning noise? Thanks!
  14. jr8934

    Best port for T-shirt’s/fleece

    In 2013 we were cruising Southbound. So I was saving my shopping for Ketchikan. Imagine my dismay when our ship bypassed Ketchikan due to bad weather! As that was our last port I ended up using the ship's gift shop. Hoping this year we get to stop in Ketchikan. Joyce
  15. jr8934

    Book our first princess cruise!!!

    We are diamond plus on RCCL and I can tell you from experience that Princess does a better job! Sad that we only got the Sip and Sail promo. Would have liked prepaid grats. But looking forward to our upcoming cruise on Coral. Joyce