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  1. Anyone know the prices for the liquor in the mini fridge ?
  2. Very good...Thanks for your response 🙂
  3. Sorry Carolfay, Things were cool and and you unfortunately had lots of rain . We will be on our cruise to Panama and Costa Rica on deck 4 nov 27th but nearer the front of the ship.. Was your room in good condition overall? We are not to picky as long as things are clean ETC. So you thought the food was pretty good overall and did you go to Candles? Was it the typical two person Entertainment with maybe a local group coming on for one visit? Thanks again 🙂
  4. Thanks for the report Carolfay... How was.. and what room did you have? Did you get to use the water platform on the back of the boat? Was the ship full? Were alcoholic drink prices about $10 dollars generally speaking including tip? Thanks so much in advance for your response....
  5. Ok Folks I got this from Windstar on Laundry WASHABLE ITEMS ONLY MEN CT EACH AMOUNT Sport Shirt 3.75 Dress Shirt 4.75 Handkerchief 1.00 Socks, pair 1.80 Pajamas 5.00 Pajamas, silk 5.50 Sweatshirt 4.30 Undershirt/T-shirt 1.80 Undershorts 1.80 Bermuda Shorts 3.75 Sweater 4.75 Vest 2.80 Slacks/Jeans 5.50 Suit 7.00 Jacket 5.50 Swimsuit 3.25 TOTAL $ WOMEN CT EACH AMOUNT Blouse 3.75 Blouse, silk 4.75 Skirt 4.75 Slacks/Jeans 4.25 Bras 1.75 Panties 1.75 Sweatshirt 4.30 Handkerchief 1.00 Dress 7.50 Pajamas 5.00 Pajamas, silk 5.50 Bermuda Shorts 3.75 Socks, pair 1.80 Swimsuit, Bikini 3.25 Sweater 4.75 TOTAL $ Special Instructions Special Instructions PRESSING SERVICE MEN CT EACH AMOUNT Sport Shirt Dress Shirt 1.75 Undershirt/T-shirt .60 Undershorts .60 Bermuda Shorts Vest .90 Slacks/Jeans Suit 2.25 Jacket 1.75 TOTAL $ Special Instructions Special Instructions WOMEN CT EACH AMOUNT Blouse Blouse, silk 1.75 Skirt 1.75 Slacks/Jeans Undershirt/T-shirt .60 Dress 2.25 Bermuda Shorts TOTAL $ In case of loss or damage, liability is limited to ten times the price charged for laundering of said article. Not responsible for shrinkable, fastness of colors, zippers or for articles left in clothing. Unless itemized list is sent with LAUNDRY, our count must be accepted as correct. Any claims must be accompanied by this list and must be made within 36 hours. SORRY, DRY CLEANING IS NOT AVAILABLE. GRAND TOTAL $
  6. Anyone know what the prices are for having Laundry washed and dried ?
  7. I do not recall in our 3 times on Windstar yachts, anyone not wearing slacks for guys and a button up shirt. So not sure this is a dramatic change not wearing Jeans at dinner. The policy...The evening attire onboard Windstar is specified as "casual elegance" - the emphasis weighted heavily on the casual. However, please note the dinner dress code in Amphora and Stella Bistro requests no t-shirts, shorts, jeans, hats or flip-flops. Country Club casual is acceptable for Candles..
  8. Looking Forward to a review of those folks who were just on the Star Pride condition 🙂
  9. Linda 22003 Even though it will be a complete different itinerary,I would love to get an updated condition of the pride. Look forward to your response and have a great trip from Copenhagen to Reykjavik.
  10. Linda22003...Previously I posted "How many WET LANDINGS (zodiac) did you have on your cruise on your reverse panama canal trip and what ports did you like the best? " Did you have a response ? 🙂
  11. linda 22003 Thanks for the post ! How many WET LANDINGS (zodiac) did you have on your cruise and what ports did you like the best?
  12. Anyone been to either of these places and took a day tour? If so your thoughts?
  13. Anyone have suggestions on places they have snorkeled In either country and if so how was it? Thanks in advance for your response...
  14. Very few activities on board on the yachts . Limited entertainment as well. But the rooms are generally MUCH bigger with more comforts. Windstar cruises are geared more towards port intensive cruises. It clearly at night is not like the big ships. On a positive note they go to places many larger cruise ships do. not. They carry generally 200 instead of 3500 hundred folks.which is huge. for relaxation .
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