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  1. losecruiser.. I have some thoughts on independent tours but was not sure if I can post it here or have to go to the panama posting area. As to 02B@Cagin yes you are correct $$$ . We always make sure we book tours early enough that if something happens we can get back to the ship .
  2. We are taking the Panama/Costa rica trip on the Star Pride last part of November. We are only booking 1 Windstar tour. The rest we are doing with independent folks . Not sure when your trip is but We will write a review when we get back. Have Fun πŸ™‚
  3. Sorry Jazzbeau...I see your point . I will spell it out more clearly in the future. Change the title if you wish...
  4. Much appreciated ride the tidetide..Thanks
  5. What Windstar charges for a Massage on board ? I could not find it on their website, Thanks in advance for your response πŸ™‚
  6. Thanks Cometman for the update ! We will be on the Pride Panama/Cost Rica trip soon and we will assume they have the same amount of zodiacs.We were concerned it may take quite a while to get off the ship as we have non windstar tours scheduled at set times.
  7. Nah, If We are going to pay a 15% service charge will go to the bar and have them serve it . Did not realize or intend this would be such a drawn out situation. I am done with this topic have fun everyone πŸ™‚
  8. Yes I can get( 3 ) of the airline size bottles like in the mini bar for less than 7.74 at the liquor store. If you think the mini bar prices are good have at it πŸ™‚
  9. Just got an offer on our november cruise that Windstar is promoting an all inclusive offer per person .So.... ALL-IN PACKAGE AMENITIES PRICE PER DAY Captain’s Exclusive Beverage Package Includes most wine, spirits, beer, cocktails, and minibar $59 Unlimited Wi-Fi $35 Hotel and Beverage Service Fees $22.35 Laundry Service $8 TOTAL $89 $124.35 Package must be booked seven days prior to departure So for 2 people they expect you to pay for our 10 day cruise....pay 1780 dollars which is more than we paid for (1) persons total price for our cruise . Really? No thanks !
  10. On our upcoming cruise panama /costa rica , prices are sometimes double what an independent tour company charges. While it is always a slight risk getting other tours , due diligence should prevail . We really like windstar but Seldom take any of their overpriced tours. Do your homework folks...Better prices and deals are out there .
  11. Sorry for your cruise not going the way it was expected. I do think if that is ALL they offered you for compensation that is inadequate. I do realize safety and they do not control the weather. But they charge port charges I would guess which should be returned to you. $ 50 dollars onboard credit at their prices certainly is a joke and I certainly would write Windstar a letter! Good luck πŸ™‚
  12. Correct CFM ... The service charge of 15% on the mini bar is in my opinion not warranted ! If someone serves me I guess that is the normal charge. So I guess go to the bar, order what you want for the same price and get it in a glass for the same price is more appropriate to me . Adding a $1.04 service charge.. and we do the work really is not a bargain and it results to the same price is questionable at best. I think windstar needs to lower their price for the mini bar. That is about 3X more than you could buy the same thing off the ship . Just sayin πŸ™‚
  13. Thank you minidonuts 85 for your mini bar picture.No real savings from the bar...Just a convenience.
  14. Thanks to all for your responses. If they only take 8 people at a time is going to take quite a while to get off the ship. If you have independent tours scheduled like we do it maybe a concern.
  15. We have several wet landings on our upcoming cruise. My question is how many folks generally are in a zodiac during a wet landing at a time ?
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