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  1. Where do you catch the bus to head to the beach?
  2. Poster is on Harmony so therefore you cant sailaway from the helipad. But we do Love to sailaway on the others that offer it from there. 🙂
  3. Anyone have experience in Resort for a Day stays around the Ft Lauderdale area? We have until our 7 pm flight after our cruise. Would like to be on the beach & have a pool. A shower/changing area would be nice also. Or anyone have cheaper beach day ideas for the day? Don't want to be stuck dragging around our luggage all day. Thank you for any suggestions. Edit: We could drop bags off at FLL airport storage for the day. Where would be a good area to spend the day then?
  4. I agree with you. I have reached the Oregon call center before & they were very helpful. Sorry I can't help with a direct number for them. I am in Indiana & I reached them during the week evening for me if that helps at all. Hoping someone can help you but I just wanted to comment that I have had the same experience with them. Good Luck!
  5. Can you tell me if you can still access the outdoor deck seating area there? Thank you!
  6. Sorry, I know this thread is a little old but wanted to ask about your cabin..1830 on deck 12. Was it noisy? Would you book it again? Trying to decide between 1830 & 1840. Thanks!
  7. Yes, very strange. Nothing coming out of FLL?? Are they not done posting dates yet??
  8. The week is almost up & nothing is showing up for Ft Lauderdale in Oct 2020 yet. Anyone heard anything??
  9. Still nothing for Oct 2020 out of Ft Lauderdale.. Any idea when more are going to be posted? Anyone know which ships will be there then??
  10. Thanks! It looks like Dania Beach Pier is close..May check that out..
  11. I guess Bags to Go is still at the airport to hold the luggage? Looking for a close beach/area to go to for lunch with a view. Is the mall area close? Not sure where to tell the Uber/Lyft to take us..lol Thanks for any suggestions!
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