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  1. I think the private cruise islands will still be open, their government is probably the cruise lines with some mild input from the countries that they are technically a part of..
  2. My safari has actually been directing me straight to this thread for a few days, I haven’t even looked at the main carnival forum, to be honest.
  3. Oh man - if they replaced it with half moon cay, this might be my favorite cruise ever! That’s our favorite port and it’s in the path between Amber Cove and Orlando!
  4. Fortunately for us, we’re pretty low key and don’t need constant stimulation. We enjoy warm weather, relaxing loungers, and the occasional fruity drink 🙂 We like the rear serenity because it’s secluded, not so on the top side serenity decks.. It’d be less fun if it was 5 days at sea, but it’ll still be better than being at home!
  5. looks awesome! Sadly we’ll be driving from up north, will probably stop in Savannah on the way and drive to port in the morning..
  6. Excellent intel! Cruise is 8/17.. I think we're going to do the cabana at Grand Turk, the view doesn't thrill me but having our own shady spot does.. We weren't sure what to do in Amber Cove..
  7. Our cruise of Jacksonville was cancelled and we hemmed and hawed about whether we were going to re-book for this year or wait until next Spring. We had a tragedy in the family and decided we really needed to get away so I pulled the trigger today! We'll be sailing out of Orlando, headed to Amber Cove and Grand Turk, I've never been to either place. I love the small boats with Serenity off the back, so I'm looking forward to Elation. Side note - this is a happy thread. If there is any inkling inside of you to reply with "you're crazy" or "covid this" or "social distancing", please do us all a favor and find a different thread to crap on 😄
  8. Valor and victory both had a top side serenity deck which was abysmal. To top it off, victory had some sort of sewage problem and reeked the entire cruise. Suffice to say, I won’t ever sale on any of the ships with that style serenity deck again. We really prefer the back side serenity decks on the small boats..
  9. I got the same email after they cancelled my cruise. I called customer service, they said it’s an automated email and to disregard it.
  10. This is not what was written in the cancellation email, which said everything I have paid would be put towards FCC plus an additional $300 per room OBC
  11. Well since you guys can’t tell me who your pvp is, and the customer service person today said this was impossible, what am I supposed to do? Just keep calling back until I find someone who will?
  12. I had only paid $300 on each room (the minimum deposit to book at the time)
  13. So like many of you, I got the "we cancelled your cruise" email. I opted for FCC plus OBC and finally called customer service today because I really wasn't sure how it all worked. I was hoping they could just immediately transfer those funds to a new booking (I've actually already picked out our replacement cruise), but she said I'd have to secure the booking first (i.e. make another deposit) before they can move the funds over.. Seems like an unnecessary extra step, and seeing as my new cruise isn't for 15 months, I like to keep my money in my own pocket as long as possible. Anyone else been through this? Is this correct?
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