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  1. Do we then carry around 2 sail and sign cards then? One to get into our room and one to swipe for drinks?
  2. Here's the situation.. 1. Wife and I and two of our kids were going on a cruise in 2020, then another cruise in 2020.. now we're rescheduled for 2021. We booked 2 cabins and ultimately ended up with $300 OBC per room on the rebooking. Because of carnivals rules, we had to book my wife in 1 room and me in another and we were planning on using our OBC so that each of us could get the drink package for basically free. 2. Our oldest two kids are now going too, so I booked a third room, which is a balcony and will be for my wife and I, but as of right now the oldest kids are on the booking for that room. 3. The plan is to walk right up to the cheers package folks who are ever present when you embark, purchase cheers for my wife and I using the OBC from our respective rooms, then swap rooms on our own... So I have a few questions.. 1. We'll need to get sail and sign cards for everyone for the correct room. Can we do this on the boat, after we buy our cheers packages? 2. If we formally swap rooms with guest services after we purchase cheers, will it screw up cheers when we go to swipe for drinks? In order to not lose our OBC for both rooms, I have to keep the rooms booked as is, especially since moving folks around would mix the older kids in with us, meaning we'd have to buy them cheers as well.. I remember a previous cruise with our kids when they were all underage and we had to play this "mom is in that room, dad is in this room" and then we swapped on the fly, but for the life of me I can't remember how we handled sail and sign cards.. This is a pretty specific scenario that maybe no one else has tried to navigate.. I'm open to all input!
  3. I got one of those letters on a cruise that carnival cancelled (not a refund request). I called them and they said to disregard.. I got all of my money transferred to the new cruise..
  4. As above, once carnival cancelled my cruise, they did the heavy lifting. I found a new cruise that I wanted, called them up, gave them my old booking number, and they did the rest.. Then added $300 per cabin in OBC...
  5. My May '21 sailing hasn't budged in months..
  6. When you do that and are lucky enough to get the same cabin, do you have to disembark and then embark again, or can you just stay on the boat?
  7. https://help.carnival.com/ci/fattach/get/6487588/1596548135/redirect/1/session/L2F2LzEvdGltZS8xNTk3ODQ3NTUyL3NpZC9mVXhvbUh4YnFSVGtNVk1tTWg3R1JRem9sUGZWQTQlN0VQWjN3WVlpVEs1Zm5JNkx2OTdJcXRES29iS0xDSzBZS1FFVWZGaHFKNDJRNF9OWlhDVFQ1UEpmcHhWZUhJVUVGRHcyM0txUXRBbURaekU0SmlQbDVxOXBjZyUyMSUyMQ==/filename/Ship Class Guide 0820.pdf Lots of ships already missing from the fantasy roster..
  8. I like the fantasy class ships because they offer serenity off the rear... Serenity off the top is just garbage.. Blaring music from lido and the kids running up to the slide. I'm not an old curmudgeon, but when I go to serenity I want quiet and peace, the fantasy class ships are the only ones that offer that.. Side note - does anyone know how much scrappers pay for ships?
  9. I believe that's been an alert at the top of the page since the beginning of May, I wouldn't sweat it
  10. I personally avoid rooms that have public areas above or below them, but that's me..
  11. May 2021 here! And I agree with the OP, prices are going to do nothing but go up..
  12. Our original cruise was in August out of Jacksonville. When that one was cancelled, I called direct to carnival and had to pay a new deposit to create a new booking, then carnival moved my money over and added the OBC. I just called today to rebook (May of '21) and this time, I DID NOT have to pay another deposit, they just moved everything I paid into the new one.. Still go the OBC..
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