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  1. I appreciate your suggestion and initial post advising that the difference between Sleeper and Prestige was significant. I was very surprised just how significant that was. I would love to travel in Prestige, but that's a little more than I can justify...so Sleeper Plus it is.
  2. You'll be just before us and too late to change our accommodations.
  3. RKA Cruiser: I'll reach out to them; however, I've looked at the website and there doesn't appear to be anything between Sleeper Plus and Prestige. There were some sample prices for routes and Prestige Class was about 4X the price of Sleeper Plus. Even if it were available, I wouldn't pay 4X more for a 19 hour journey.
  4. Will you be sailing before Sept 2021? If so, I'd be interested in your opinion on this cabin. We're also disappointed that there isn't an upgrade with a private shower.
  5. Did you find that it was worth $1,000 since it's only 19 hours? The single cabins look very "tight" and efficient. Celebrity quoted me the same price and DH is fine with booking the 2 cabins.
  6. Thanks for responding and the information.
  7. For those interested, I just spoke with Celebrity Cruisetour Dept and was informed that Prestige class is not available on the Vancouver to Jasper route as it is only available on tickets for 2 nights or more. The only upgrade is to remove the wall between 2 cabins which allows you to have 2 lower beds combined.
  8. Ron, We're booked on the Vancouver to Calgary post cruise tour next year and it was noted "All Canadian Rockies Cruise tours are independent travel itineraries and do not include an escort". How was the touring without an escort? We've taken the Alaska Lodges Land Cruise tour and had an escort which is nice to have a central figure to deal with.
  9. Yes, I have reviewed their website, but I was looking for personal experience. We overnight at the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel.
  10. Thanks for responding. I didn't realize there were particular times for Dome seating for Sleeper Plus. One significant perk for the Prestige Class is that you have a double bed vs bunk beds. Climbing a bed ladder isn't high on my list. I've looked at the VIA Rail website, but couldn't price anything. I'll have to call them.
  11. We are booked on a Celebrity Alaska cruise followed by a land tour including an overnight on the VIA Rail Sleeper Plus class cabin from Vancouver to Jasper. Has anyone upgraded to the Prestige Class and if so, how was it and approximately the difference is cost? Any info would be appreciated. Please no responses for driving and booking independent hotels/train as DH is adamant about relaxing and leaving the scheduling and driving to someone else.
  12. Thanks for responding. I think at this point, these March sailings are now sooner than we plan to cruise again.
  13. For years we only booked JS cabins, but after experiencing a GS we can never go back. The GS has a great 2 sink square shaped bathroom and is obviously larger than a JS. Also, you have access to the Concierge Lounge which is nice if you're not D or D+. Check out some YouTube videos of both cabins.
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