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  1. Thanks for the info on both the OS vibration and the PS bed location. DH said we'll have to book a CC mini-suite. Oh how I'll miss the Suite breakfast in Sabatini's.
  2. We always book a PS on the other ships, but we're unsure of it on the Pacific. DH always wants a cabin with an ocean view and he's not crazy about the OS.
  3. kennicott, thank you for the photos of the OS showing the bed facing the ocean. I've only been able to find one video of a forward Pacific Penthouse and it looks like the bed faces inward towards a tv near the bathroom. Is this the case with all Pacific PS cabins?
  4. Based on the 10 day itinerary, would you recommend the port or starboard side of the ship?
  5. It sounds like the Suites might be sold out tomorrow for us lowly Platinum members. Does anyone know the prices for a CC Mini-Suite on the 10 day sailings? My TA called and Princess couldn't give a price for anything. Thanks for any info so I can make back-up plans.
  6. Can anyone provide prices for an OS on any of the 10 day sailings?
  7. Has anyone had luck with using their drink vouchers on Brilliance recently?
  8. Thank you for the photos. I couldn't find the menus on the app. I've seen menus while onboard, but not prior to sailing.
  9. Does anyone After reading your positive review on Tuscan Grille, we're interested in trying it again after a not so enjoyable experience. Does anyone have a photo of the new menu to peruse prior to our upcoming cruise? Thanks!
  10. CC rep checked my account and advised that all of my boxes were checked with regards to email, marketing, etc. He said that there should have been a Move Up banner on my check-in page if the offer was available which I don't have. He had no answer. I logged into my online account and all of the boxes were checked. It's a mystery. I just checked with my big box TA and they advised that they do not prevent clients from receiving upgrade offers directly from the cruise lines.
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