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  1. I just received my gift cards from our excursions for our 3/29 cruise. Still waiting on cheers refund.
  2. I called and talked with my PVP and he was able to book without a new deposit.
  3. I rebooked today with my PVP. I did not need a deposit and was told any unused credit will he added as OBC.
  4. I'm leaning towards canceling if Carnival doesn't. I'd hate to come home having it, not know and infect a bunch of people. If you could easily get tested it would be a different story.
  5. I'm supposed to sail on the Horizon in two weeks. If we start packing now they'll cancel if we wait until last minute they won't. To pack or not to pack.
  6. I can't believe they haven't already.
  7. Normally when I buy a $1,000 card it says shipped UPS and requires a signature but last month the tracking number was "ShippedPitneyBowes" and was sent USPS and just arrived in my mail box with the regular mail. I bought one last week and it had the same weird tracking number but came UPS and signature was required.
  8. I'm not sure about actually switching but we've never had a problem with getting an extra key.
  9. If I remember correctly it showed most of the menus but there were a few days that were missing until later in the cruise.
  10. Have you tried fly2fun (I think that's what it's called) with Carnival? I was able to pick my seats when I booked and can change flights up until final payment. Also it was cheaper than the basic economy price I found at American Airlines or other travel sites.
  11. Seems like they've changed the shipping for the $1,000 cards. I normally get a UPS tracking number and have to sign for delivery. This time the tracking number was "ShippedPitneyBowes" and the card showed up in my mail box instead. Everything worked fine just makes me a bit nervous having these sent USPS without any kind of signature required.
  12. I used it on my upcoming cruise and the price was about $100 less per person than booking myself and I also got to pick my seats when we booked. As mentioned above you also get price protection until final payment so in my case it was a good deal.
  13. Here is an older thread with the muster stations for the Horizion it also has a link to a map.
  14. Our first cruise was on the Triumph and there were 5 of us total. Full deposit would have been $750 which at that time was hard for me to come up all at once. It was much easier to come up with the $375 that was offered during a sale and I was able to pay off the remainder over the course of a year.
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