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  1. Is that the high speed WiFi or the new surf WiFi? Doesn’t say. Could likely be the latter.
  2. Using it right now on Reflection between Ibiza and Cartagena. It’s somewhat slower but fine for surfing the net, downloading apps and what’s app. Not good so far for Instagram or what’s app pics but can send pics by email. Working fine for our purposes so far. Will see what happens as we cross the Atlantic. Our adult kids would need the high speed. Surf is 1.5 Mbps up and down.
  3. Our December Silhouette sailing is not yet able to have check-in using the Celebrity app. So I've done the check in online. Our family of 5 in 2 staterooms, with the reservations linked. The system allows me to complete the check-in for all 5. However, when I allowed all 5 to charge to my credit card, and I tried to click 'continue', I repeatedly got a message with a red exclamation mark, and a message saying I had to complete guest information. I triple checked, and everything was correct and completed. I called Captain's Club and the rep could not figure out what the problem was and apparently there can only reach IT via email. The CC rep suggested I try choosing 'cash account' for everyone else except me. That actually worked. The express passes for everyone came up on the next screen. The rep said to go to guest services once on board and have them apply my credit card to everyone. Has anyone else had this issue?
  4. We found that the app was only looking to scan the code number and bar code at the bottom of our Canadian passports. It didn't want a scan the full page. We completed the check in successfully.
  5. Agree with this wholeheartedly!!
  6. I did speak to 2 different captains club reps and both said dining packages show sold out or not available. So from your responses I expect that’s the case.
  7. This is what I do with the roll-in shower. I ask our room steward to provide 2 beach towels daily. You or your room steward, if you ask him/her, rolls up the 2 towels - they look like pool noodles - and place them on the floor in a semi-circle around the outside of the shower from wall to wall. This serves as a water dam. The towels will get wet, but the rest of the bathroom floor will be dry. Your room steward will remove and replace the wet towels. On the S class ships, the bathroom fixtures are very similar to a non-HC cabin, except for no cabinet under the sink and grab bars in the shower and on the wall next to the toilet. The closets have tall hanging, and a bar that comes down for low hanging, but we never use the lower bar. I have not sailed on the Millennium in many years, and back then did not need an HC room. But you might search on YouTube for a Millennium accessible cabin video. Just make sure it's fairly current.
  8. We have recently booked a holiday cruise for this December 2019. I wanted to purchase a 3 night specialty dining package for the 5 of us, but the 3 and 4 night packages are sold out. Are they really sold out, or are they not available at all on a holiday sailing? The individual specialty restaurant prices are higher than usual (even when it's not Christmas or New Year's Eve), but the package prices are not. That's why I'm thinking they are not available. The packages give you the option of adding them to your cart, but when it's time to check out, they are not available. Is this the norm for holiday cruises?
  9. It’s currently available on Reflection which is the last to be refurbished.
  10. Is the guest chat feature on the Celebrity app available on Silhouette?
  11. One of our party is a vegetarian - no meat/fish/seafood. Will eat eggs and cheese. Other than the salad bar, flat bread and veggie kebab, are there any other options for her?
  12. Are the Veggie burgers at Mast Grill cooked on a separate area of the grill than the meat burgers? With separate spatulas/tongs? Or is that too much to hope for?
  13. Oh I’m sure that’s the plan! Between the 3 of them and DH and I that’s 10 bottles!
  14. We are cruising with our adult children in a couple of months. They are interested in bringing on board the 2 wine bottle allowance. My husband and I have never done that. Are there rules about where the wine must be consumed? Is there a corkage fee in the MDR?
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