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  1. Shoot, I’ll pray for rain too. Regensburg is lovely. Enjoy!
  2. My cruise on the Alta actually leaves on 12/2. I have a private tour booked in Budapest and my tour guide tells me the boats are getting to Budapest. Fingers-crossed for both of us. I’ll look for your updates. Have a great trip.
  3. Scheduled on the Viking Alta Nuremberg to Budapest on November 29. Anyone have any information on the Viking Daube Waltz?
  4. Lggva

    Viking Odin

    Thanks for the information, enjoy your cruise.
  5. Lggva

    Viking Odin

    Hi, I'm traveling on the Viking Odin on 12/1/12. I'm curious, does anyone know the boarding time in Budapest and what time I can expect to be off the boat in Nuremberg on 12/8/12. I'm trying to arrange car service and can't find this information on the Viking page. Thanks
  6. Lggva

    Live from the Viking Idun

    i'm sailing on the Odin 12/1 Romantic Danube. You have shared a lot of very good information and answered many of my questions. Thanks
  7. I was actually trying to find out if anyone had purchased before and if they felt it was worth it. The cost is $30 per day per person which is not a lot. Also, it's not clear to me that if I want a bottle of water, soda or juice in the middle of the day that that is included as free beverages. Looks like only free at meal times with the exception of coffee and tea. A bottle of water is 2.20 euros. Just curious as this is my first river cruise and on ocean cruises everything is extra.
  8. i have looked at the prices of drinks and note that they are in Euros, while Silver Seas is in USD. I'm thinking it makes sense to prepay in USD, to avoid exchange rate and any fees related to international charges. But, I'm all over the place on whether the value is there.:confused:
  9. Hi, I'm trying to decide whether to purchase the prepaid beverage package on Viking River cruises. I'm traveling with a group of 8 and we do enjoy having drinks after dinner. Any suggestions on whether is this is worth the price? Thanks, L