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  1. Carnival customer service has been really good, except when explaining the nuances of programs like this. Didn’t think there were people policing comings and going’s. Also, appreciate the feedback about the card. Basically, they want to trap you with the alcohol and have you make bad decisions while drinking! 😂 I have checked several times with Carnival that both my wife and I qualified. We did both get the offer, it just happens to be my name on the booking. I’m concerned that once we get on the boat, it’ll change.
  2. We did the drink package our last cruise. Hit 15 once on a “at sea” day. Didn’t take much to get there with an early 2 Bloody Mary breakfast, couple with lunch. Had a few at the show along with the comedy club and ended with the piano bar. Wife isn’t a big drinker, but between the two of us, we ended up in the positive a drink or two. Worth it knowing what my bar bill was going to be for the trip. On our upcoming cruise the end of the month we both qualified for the casino “Drinks On Us” program. From what I was told when I called Carnival is that it puts you on a 15 drink limit and can only get the drinks while in the Casino. Read you must be gambling, but they told me I could just use my card at the bar. They also told me that I had to consume the drink in the Casino, that “they’d be watching” me if I left the Casino with the drink. Anyone have experience with the “Drinks In Us”? Would like to confirm the limitations.
  3. Have not been on in awhile. Confirmed tonight the of us receive the offer on my booking. Both of us received the offer prior to booking. Only $25 each on On board credit. I asked the first rep if I can use the card at the bar, or have to wait for the wait staff. Passed me to the casino department who stated I just needed to use the card at the bar. But she did tell me I had to drink the beverage in the casino, would be watching me so I didn’t walk out with it. Wonder if that is correct?
  4. Both my wife and I received the offer. I booked the cruise, but confirmed we both get the DOU. Still getting Cheers. Also, the DOU drinks do count against the Cheers limit.
  5. Did a search and could not find the info. Does the purchase of in room alcoholic beverages count against the drink package? Appreciate he help!
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