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  1. Makes you feel old when our first Celebrity ship, which was brand new then, is headed to the ship bone yard. We did a nine night holiday cruise in 1993. My girlfriend (wife now) and I were invited to the Captain's table by Lisa, who was a young/beautiful social hostess, before they became the Captain's Club hostess. She was from the US and the greek officers seemed a bit infatuated with her. Great memories, Kel
  2. Thanks Alan, Just what I was looking for. I guess I will wait another couple of weeks and then have my TA check my Mariners account. Kel
  3. I'm all whole with my refunds, but have not received anything related to my FCC. How many of you have received word concerning your FCC? They said it would come in the form of an email; what does that look like? Last week I asked my TA to check on it, and he said my account does not list it as of yet. It's been 82 days since HAL cancelled our cruise. Thanks, Kel😄
  4. bvo, I agree. We have a cruise in September that is due the middle of June. I'm not going to give any cruise line any additional money as this point. If the cruise is not cancelled by the time the final payment is due, we will just cancel or move the deposit to an other cruise next year. I have cruises with RCL, Celebrity, MSC, and HAL that were all booked before the virus showed up. It will be interesting if any of these cruises actually sail. Enjoy! Kel
  5. As always -- Good job Peter!! We didn't claim any additional for our hotel or return flights, as we had to cancel our San Diego flight at the end of the cruise, and that made it a "wash". We were going to be in the hotel anyway. Enjoy! Kel
  6. Hi jj, We too were scheduled to be on the Koningsdam around SA. Our complete refund arrived sometime between Sunday evening and Monday morning (Memorial Day). Just one deposit of over $9,000, and they didn't break it down by deposit + final payment. I did not institute a credit card dispute and it took 73 days for it to hit our bank account. It took our bank four to six days to post it, so I guess you could say our refund was sent out 68 days after HAL's cancellation of the cruise.(March 13th) I'm still waiting on our FCC and my TA said it's not on the POLAR Online account. Many of you might not know that HAL gave us a full refund + 100% FCC, because they cancelled on us two days before the cruise was to leave, and many of us were already in Ft Lauderdale. It wasn't as much of a big deal for us, as we had just disembarked Celebrity's Reflection and were at our hotel waiting for two nights for the Koningsdam. We had to scramble to get airfare back home, but that turned out fine, as Southwest did not price gouge us for our last minute tickets. Feels good to be right with the cruising world, but waiting on the refund had it's ups and downs. Enjoy! Kel😁
  7. Good news! Sometime between Sunday evening and Monday morning (Memorial Day) I received a full refund of over $9,000 for our cancelled Koningsdam cruise scheduled to leave Ft Lauderdale 15 March 2020. It's been 73 days since we received the email concerning the cancellation. Since it was a last minute cancellation, and most of the passengers were already in Florida, we also received a 100% FCC. (No info on that amount as of yet) I did not go the disputed charge route. I feel like cruising again, if we could just solve this Virus problem.😝 Enjoy! Kel
  8. My wife and I have spent 109 days on Cunard ships and 103 days on HAL ships. I've always thought that Cunard is "Holland America on Steroids" -- they are very similar in many ways. The Queen Victoria and the Queen Elizabeth are just Vista Class ships. They both share the same historical roots and cater to similar clientele. Holland Cunard Line. PS --never a fan of Princess Maybe?
  9. Well finally we have some positive news about refunds. Our 15 March 2020 Koningsdam cruise was cancelled on 13 March and today we received $500 in refunds for two drink cards purchased precruise. Nothing yet on the cruise itself, but I will follow up if that occurs. So, this would be day 57 since our cruise was cancelled. I'm pleased. PS -- I didn't challenge this with my credit card company. Enjoy! Kel
  10. I agree 100%. It's not about needing extra time to process a refund; in 30 days of April they didn't process a single refund. It's about holding on to cash and developing a strategy as to where the money should go. Celebrity has worked through many of their March cancellations and has refunded loads of their customers.
  11. How do you dispute a charge that was made last year in May and final payment Dec 1st? Not within the 60 day window of time allotted for challenges.
  12. iancal, I made a deposit in May, 2019 and final payment Dec, 2019 --- can you dispute a charge that is that old? Seems like I saw 60 days on my Citibank WN card?? I don't think billing, back-logs, and accounting has anything to do with the long wait times for refunding peoples' money, since they haven't refunded anyone in the month of April so far. The refund process takes about 90 seconds on their end (anyone that has used a merchant credit card machine knows this). I think it's all about cash flow management and hoping a Ponziesque plan of adding new bookings will help with their situation. Carnival Corp, through the credit markets, added enough new money to get them through 2020. What are they waiting for?
  13. As mentioned before, Celebrity is giving out refunds: "On March 27 I cancelled our cruise scheduled for November of 2020. Yesterday I received a complete refund of the $900 deposit. Took 28 days. Thank you Celebrity!!!!!" "On March 16 I cancelled a December cruise. All of the payments $11,000+ have been refunded. Most were on the BOA Celebrity Visa. Called this morning and will have the money deposited into our checking account in 2 - 5 business days." "good news I , received my $900 back yesterday from a booking I cancelled mid March. thank you Celebrity!" "We were stuck in Fort Lauderdale (from Southern California) for the March 14th cruise on the Equinox. I requested a refund on March 16th. Checked my credit card this morning, and the refund for everything except the airfare booked through Celebrity was on my card. Yippee!" "Today I received a full refund to my X Visa card for the March 30 Coastal sailing of Eclipse, which was cancelled by Celebrity on March 13. I requested the refund on the 14th." Alright HAL, now it's your turn!
  14. We were in our hotel room in Ft Lauderdale on the 13th of March when we received notice that our March 15th cruise was going to be cancelled. We had to scramble to make plans to return home, but that turned out to be no big deal thanks to Southwest Airlines and their way of doing business. A couple of days ago I sent an email to HAL concerned that we had not received anything concerning our refund and FCC; this was their reply: Thank you for contacting Holland America Line concerning your canceled ms Koningsdam voyage. Refunds and Future Cruise Credits (FCC) will be processed as we work through the backlog in reservations accounting. We anticipate refund and future cruise credit processing times to take up to approximately 60 to 90 days. Once the FCC is built and attached to your Mariner number you will be notified by email. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your patience and understanding. Please feel free to contact us if we may be of additional assistance. Thank you for contacting Holland America Line. Kind Regards, You will receive your refund in less than 30 days, became your refund will be issued in 30 -- 60 days, and now it is 60 -- 90 days. Good luck, Kel
  15. I've got a few cancelled cruises that I'm waiting for a refund. It's been 34 days since their cancellation (another cruise line) and no feedback at all. We are scheduled to cruise in September, with our final payment due mid-June. This is on the Ovation, but I'm not comfortable enough to give any cruise line any more of my money. I guess I will just cancel and eat the deposit or the FCC if that's the way they go. It would be nice if the cruise lines would move their final payment dates closer to the actual sail date so customers could make an informed decision related to the Coronavirus and their travel plans. I know final payments come in handy when you have cash flow problems and need to pay employees, fuel costs, ship payments, and refunds due to past customers, but that could all go away in bankruptcy situation. Are you paying off your up-coming cruises? Kel
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