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  1. thanks....we will take both a US and euro adaptor
  2. anyone been on the diamond princess... I would like to know if they have european or US power points to know what adaptors we need to bring
  3. thanks I will....we have adaptors you put in the plugs so that we can put our aussie plugs in....just needed to know if the ships power points were us or european types to know what adaptors to bring.
  4. can smeone tell me what sort of power points does the diamond princess have
  5. thanks everyone....we picked up our tickets from the travel agent and the payments were on them....I also brought OBC to cover the cruise expenses and they sent me a email with the receipt......what I thought was strange....the gratities and the OBC went thru my credit card as a australian payment.....but the tours we picked and paid for on the princess site went thru as a international payent and I got charged a international fee on top of the payment which I realise is the credit card fee.....all were brought on the princess site
  6. I prepaid our gruaties on our diamond princess cruise, the princess site won't let me print a copy show ing that we have prepaid this amount.....it allowed us to print up a copy of the tours we prepaid....I want something to prove that we have paid these guaritius ....has anyone else had this problem
  7. is there a charge to use the japanese baths on the diamond princess
  8. its been a while since I was on a princess ship.....do they still have happy hour...if so what is the deal.....what is the average price of cocktails......thanks
  9. my understanding is that if the cruise starts or finishs in australia the gratuities are included in the price.....but other cruises in other parts of the world the gratuities are extra.
  10. good idea....I will look at the hotels the bus stops at....will save us having to catch a taxi from YCAT station to a hotel
  11. thanks for the hint....I will look up tokyo airporter
  12. thanks I will look it up....we are arriving at narita airport and will proberly take the liminous bus to the YCAT station
  13. I am after suggestions on a hotel to stay the night before for cruise leaving yokohama....has anyone cruised from yokohama who could help me
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