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  1. I agree, this was the most boring episode of this show I’ve seen this season. I was amazed at how dated and plain Marina looked compared to the previous episodes featuring newer ships like Koningsdam, Regal Princess, Viking Star. Those episodes definitely showed much more of the ship and featured all the new modern amenities and how polished the ships were. Sadly Marina looked like a very boring ship in my opinion and Oceania has always been my favorite. Every aerial view of the ship the decks were cleared off and the public areas looked dated compared to the newer ships. I must say I’m more e
  2. I think this is great news for Key West. They voted for it.
  3. Cancelled an August, 2021 cruise on July 6. Got the $1500 deposit refund to my visa today. I’m actually amazed it was that fast.
  4. I’m certainly feeling less patriotic this year on July 4. Many selfish people all around this country with no clue. I’d rather be on vacation in Europe right now to be honest. A toast to their success with this virus.
  5. WHO does recommend special masks (N95 masks or equivalent) plus other protection for health-care workers working with people who have, or are suspected to have, COVID-19. By contrast, the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the United States has recently recommended everyone wear a (cloth) mask. However, this is to prevent infected people passing on the infection, not to prevent the wearer getting infected. Who is right? Does wearing a mask protect the wearer? Does it protect others? I’m glad you are not my neigh
  6. let me guess.....you live in one of the states where the virus is spiking?
  7. Prices are way too high. 7 day Mediterranean in August in B3 category for $1214 per day. That’s ridiculous.
  8. When will the full itineraries be posted online for June-December?
  9. When are the remaining June - December, 2023 Serenity sailings being posted? The announcement says full year, not seeing that.
  10. What was her reason for advising to wait?
  11. I completely agree with you. I feel the same about crabs. I don’t eat any shellfish at all. All other fish is good with me.
  12. I found 2 amazingly priced Mediterranean cruises on Riviera in summer, 2021. I wasn't planning on booking anything but these prices are too good.
  13. It’s not stupid. Valid concerns. Chill out.
  14. You have valid concerns.....I get it completely. Carnival secured huge financing. Where are you reading they will go under? Carnival has the most money of the big 3.
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