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  1. Yes to points on comp and double on solo. I believe studios are single pts because the rooms are intended for 1 person
  2. My offer now says it expires March 2022. I swear this said 2021 last week
  3. Good luck!! I hope you get to make the changes you want 🤞
  4. Were you trying to book for 2020 or 2021? From what I understand it would have to be booked into 2021 to be eligible for lift & shift.
  5. I believe our status is good through 2022, not the free cruise. We should get another one next spring
  6. That is it but yours is last years if it has been there awhile. Did you not use yours between April 2019-March 2020? If not, they extended the expiry through 2021. We are waiting for the new 2020 benefit to get loaded. Once it is, you should have 2 in yours.
  7. Last year when they did finally post them it was not first thing in the morning. I think it was after supper
  8. I was booked in the May 10 Oasis cruise. It was free except for the taxes and we purchased ultimate dining packages for $179 each. When the announcement came out about it not sailing, I opted not to cancel it myself and see what would happen with the FCC. I did not get one (as expected) and have not yet been refunded the taxes. The cruise was in my planner until March 3rd or so, so I would imagine the refund will be a while yet. Regarding the dining plan, I opted for the 125% future OBC in lieu of a refund. We got the emails yesterday for that - we each got $224 we can apply to our cruise planner for future sailings. I have a B2B booked in Liberty for the end of September but I am going to hold off on applying the OBC until I am more confident the sailing will happen. I see folks have been told we should see the 2020 Prime certificate in our offers today. Who wants to bet if it will actually happen today. Remember last year? 🤞
  9. We don’t have anything in either of ours. Both of us are prime.
  10. I am in New Brunswick, Canada so a province not a state but we have had 118 total confirmed cases. All have recovered and no new cases in 14 days. Our first presumptive case was on March 12.
  11. My cruise was supposed to be 5/11 and is still showing in my list of cruises 😂
  12. We don’t really know. Last year I think they came out on the 14th of April but everything is delayed this year because of everything going on.
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