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  1. Bob Corker, three times tiddlywinks champion of Northwest Park County, Montana.
  2. We've been climbing onto the petri dishes for years, why would we stop now? "Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!" - by Joe Paraphrase
  3. OP: Do what you want, but the medallion is fine and easy to carry. Is the 4s the one with the mouse wheel charger?
  4. Infusion of cash-o-la will come out of the woodwork or they may be “reorganizing”.
  5. Yup, cruising won't be for all, of course it never was. "The times they are a changin'."
  6. Making room on the seas for all the new ships on order. We used to cry when we saw “our” old ships get shuttered, but no more. It’s a chance to see new products enter the market. Not that new is always better.
  7. Get on a ship for two or three weeks, no worries about who is driving, who is cleaning, who is making dinner.
  8. Read up on the "Astoria's" history and you will find quite an interesting adventure. The Andrea Doria is only part of this ship's exploits.
  9. Very small “ships” always seem to have the guy or gal who think they own the place. Now, I know this is also true on large ships, but on smaller ships, you have a lot harder time avoiding them.
  10. Whatever your internet usage while on a cruise. A man, I met on a street corner in a large city told me that VPNs are cheap and easy and you should always use them as protection. While not 100% protection, they help stop your neighbors from knowing what you are doing while traveling.
  11. Interesting. I don't think we have spent $ 650 a piece on any seven day cruise. I guess that many cruisers spend more of their cruise dollars through the cruise company sources. (tours, transfers, ?)
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