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  1. During busy times, no matter the direction, almost always best to jump on the bus.
  2. Ours are more like of crystal obelisks, with all the same powers included. Line them up in a straight row, kneel and chant " Owatagooseiam"
  3. One can order only steamed vegetables every night in the main dining room for a fine and low calorie dinner. Of course, after doing this for an entire cruise, you will never want to cruise again.
  4. How do you know that you might not like other brands better, if you are loyal to Princess? Comparison is very hard without experience?
  5. Always a difficult issue. We take only the bare minimum while off the ship. Sometimes we have paired up with others from the ship to "watch" items at the beach for each other.
  6. Bring your closest 500 friends on a cruise and you can “reserve” a bar of your own.
  7. I’ve been using this for years, only limited by the string length. Some carriers need you to enable WiFi calling.
  8. I use my Nord vpn while on Princess without any issues. RCL always seems to be a bigger problem as it seems to slow traffic.
  9. 50+ royal cruises- no drink packages. No rum runners necessary. 2 bottles of wine, diamond+ lounge, complementary drinks, drinks in port
  10. I love the art auctions(please buy plenty of fine quality pieces) I won’t be there, start the bidding without me.
  11. There are a number of agencies that specialize in Theme cruises. One will never be able to find all the potential groups that would be on your desired sailing, but you can check with the sites of these agencies. Also, professional organizations frequently have listing in their various publications. Google: Theme Cruises. BTW: Cruise Critic has a number of Special Interest cruising boards.
  12. Cabin crawl: restroom use: if you gotta, you gotta. Try to plan around it. Suggestions: start at the top of the ship, and go downhill. try to include as many of the cabin types as possible Have participants put away most of their personal items Booze: if some can afford it, go for it. If not, no problem. or carry a drink of your own. Booze 2: meet At a bar after the crawl. Booze 3: not really booze, meet at the IC or buffet for snacks after or before.
  13. Yup, plenty of cruise lines available. Try Holland America, I heard there were no naked people allowed in port while they are docked.
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