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  1. Fantastic. Different cruise lines have different amenities. Freedom of choice.
  2. You’re in!!! Bring your sword and knight a few crew while you’re there.?
  3. Poop ourii might not smell so nice.
  4. Who knows what really happens onboard.
  5. CineGraphic: I’m happy to see you cut off that greasy kid stuff. Now you need to work on the mustache. Do you know what grows in a mustache?
  6. Buy from a bartender or server and get some of that Jenny Says What. (Je ne sais quoi)
  7. just like gambling, no one brags about their loses. if one did pay $60 for CCL, I hope that they recently bought more shares.
  8. I’m of the belief you could choose to keep accounts separate, charging the balance owed to one’s own credit card.
  9. I’m going to say $29, but I haven’t bought a picture for a long while. boy, that didn’t help!!!
  10. Getaway is in effect until 12/31 Getaway Sale - EXTENDED through Dec. 31st During our Getaway Sale, get 50%‡ off the second guest plus, fares from $69 for 3rd & 4th guests‡‡. All getaways are five days or fewer, making them a great escape at an even better value! Choose from select 1-5 day cruises sailing Winter 2019 – Spring 2020 to Mexico, California Coast, Canada & New England, and the Caribbean.
  11. Just to assure you, you are likely going to be “that guy”. But go with it, do the best you reasonably can and most passengers will not have a problem. For the ones that have a problem, just keep on living life. No worries.
  12. Sky Princess' float-out was led by godmother Kerry Ann Wright (2nd officer for Princess Cruises) nominated as Madrina by her fellow crew. From the Internet..,. Can't believe everything you read.
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